Thursday, 11 February 2010

Innovative Charity Relies On Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold

Ipswitch Inc.’s Network Management division, makers of WhatsUp Gold, today announced that The Hollybank Trust, a UK charity for children and adults with profound physical disabilities and complex learning needs, has enlisted WhatsUp Gold to monitor business critical hardware and inter-site connections.

“We needed to respond to problems with business critical hardware and inter-site connections more quickly and proactively,” explained Brian Boullier PhD, Head of Information, Communications & Assistive Technology. “Whilst our ADSL-mediated WAN is proving to be fairly resilient, using What’s Up Gold has significantly improved our ability to identify problems and respond to them more swiftly.”

With sites spread across West Yorkshire - Barnsley, Halifax, Holmfirth, Mirfield and South Kirkby - the Trust now has over 500 employees that rely heavily upon its infrastructure. The Trust’s IT department routinely uses WhatsUp Gold to monitor connection and hardware availability. A ‘live’ topographical map of its WAN is constantly displayed in the Information Services office on a wide screen monitor, to ensure that the status of the networked devices is visible to all.

“WhatsUp Gold enables us to monitor the availability of VPN connections and Internet availability back to our main site in real time, as well as monitor remote business-critical hardware,” explained Boullier. “We are now able to deploy our information services resources more efficiently and also plan our responses about the state of our WAN and availability of business critical equipment, such as data switches and networked laser printers, on the basis of real time information.”
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