Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Extreme Networks High Density Switches Achieve MEF Certification

Extreme Networks today announced that its BlackDiamond® 20808 and Summit® X650 metro core and aggregation switches have passed the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF) service conformance tests. MEF service conformance is a crucial capability for providers migrating from 1GE to 10GE architectures to support rapidly increasing bandwidth demand.

As service-oriented test specifications, both MEF 9 and MEF 14 are defined from the subscriber’s point of view as the User Network Interface (UNI), where the subscriber and service provider areas of responsibility meet. MEF 9 compliance tests include service attributes such as multiplexing, bundling and VLAN setup, while MEF 14 defines the test suite for Ethernet traffic management, ensuring quality of service per service class across an Ethernet business service offering.

Independent lab Iometrix, Inc., a leading test firm, performed the rigorous conformance testing and certified that the Extreme Networks’ BlackDiamond 20808 and Summit X650 switching platforms deliver carrier grade services as defined in both MEF specifications.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

ramsac Voted Leading Provider Of Customer Service In UK Wide Microsoft Survey

IT specialist gets 100% recommendation from customers as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac has announced that 100 percent of its clients would recommend its services to others, according to a UK-wide survey commissioned by Microsoft. The survey also shows that all the polled clients are highly satisfied with ramsac’s service as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

The survey re-affirms ramsac’s commitment to delivering the best services to clients, as Managing Director Robert May explained: “We are absolutely delighted to have achieved the highest marks across the board in the survey, and would like to thank our loyal clients for their support. Delivering the best levels of service, in partnership with a major vendor such as Microsoft, involves a substantial commitment from us both as a company and individually across our dedicated teams. We fully recognise that Microsoft applications lie at the very heart of many organisations’ IT provision and that our clients expect the highest levels of expertise and dedication from their outsourced IT partner to offer the levels of support that are often essential to their business operations.” .

DASCOM Celebrates New Company Launch

DASCOM, developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions, is today celebrating the official launch of the newly formed company: DASCOM Europe GmbH, headed by CEO, Christoph Geiger. After acquiring key assets from TallyGenicom in May 2009, DASCOM set up its EMEA operations to offer reliable and robust printing solutions for business critical applications. DASCOM has also announced that it is actively seeking to recruit market-making resellers and distributors; providing greater margins from sales of its printer units compared to the current market opportunities.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of DASCOM Europe and DASCOM GB,” says Geiger. “We are excited about the prospects and the challenges that lay ahead. DASCOM is a combination of German technology and British expertise, backed by DASCOM holdings in China. This strong combination is a formula for success, and we are looking forward to leading the way in a new era of business printing with DASCOM.”

For further information or to arrange an interview with DASCOM GB's MD, please contact

Deploying xRM Allows Businesses To Develop Better Relationships

dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, is today advising businesses on the latest relationship management strategies available to them in today’s challenging business climate. The Surrey-based company is emphasising the need for organisations to drive business growth, whilst managing costs, and encouraging businesses to deploy solutions that allow seamless and secure delivery of business profitability. The improvements will soon be seen in all areas of the business including marketing, sales, customer service, operations and support and account management activities.

Explains dhc director, Matt Garman, “For over a decade now many organisations have been selling, implementing and supporting CRM (customer relationship management) software. Traditionally the primary use of CRM has been within the sales and marketing departments of a company, and a number of vendors also provide modules to cater for customer services and service management. Despite early promises, the landscape is littered with many disappointments and low levels of user adoption, many driven by poor or complicated interface. Despite their size and R & D depth, Microsoft is still a relatively young player in the CRM marketplace but already it is changing the game, and well on its way to transforming the sector. Cue its latest offering: Microsoft Dynamics xRM (Anything Relationship Management), where you can turn any activity into relationship management.”

Monday, 28 September 2009

Chloride Provides Best Defence for Cranfield University

Cutting-edge university protects its airport operation and supercomputers with generators from Chloride

Chloride, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of UPS systems and diesel generators today announced that Cranfield University has installed five new generators with remote monitoring systems. The new equipment will protect the University’s airport and data centres in the event of interruptions to the mains power supply.

Cranfield University is a leading postgraduate institution with a strong technical reputation and institutional links to the military. Its students typically conduct extensive computer modelling and it is highly dependent on the continued operation of both its computing facilities and airport.

“Cranfield’s airport and data centres are vital to the University’s operations,” said Cranfield University’s Maintenance Manager, Dave Butcher. “We chose the new Chloride equipment on the basis of a rigorous competitive tender, and are very pleased with the level of protection we’ve secured.”

The new Chloride equipment has been designed to address both historic power failures and electrical capacity issues. Two new large generators, rated at 500 and 220kVA respectively, have been installed to guarantee the operation of cooling and ancillary equipment in the University’s data centres.

One smaller unit, rated at 22 and two at 91kVA, have additionally been deployed at the University’s airport. Dave Butcher is confident that the potential costs of downtime, at both the airport and data centres, has been hugely reduced.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Extreme Networks Advises On IT Investment Value

Following the recent ISACA survey of IT security companies and their understanding of the value of IT, Extreme Networks is today advising organisations to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their networks. With only 20% of surveyed respondents convinced that they realise the full extent of their IT investment value, and a surprising 10% not measuring the value at all, it is important that businesses invest in the right kind of pioneering products and technologies in order to reduce costs.

The current economic climate has caused cuts in IT budgets across many organisations across many industries, yet at the same time business are looking to increase customer retention and profitability. End users are now demanding more from fewer network resources, so it is clear that companies must investigate new, innovative solutions at an attractive procurement price point.

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Leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac is proud to announce it has reached the finals of the prestigious Computer Reseller News (CRN) Awards 2009. The SME Reseller of the Year award category recognises excellence and exceptional performance in the IT sales and services industry.


Leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac has announced it is providing strategic IT management and support for video production company DMI Productions. ramsac has taken on the role of IT Director for the company’s overall backend business infrastructure, allowing DMI Productions to fully concentrate on its use of high-end IT systems for video production.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ipswich a 'leader' in Leading Industry Analyst's Managed File Transfer Magic Quadrant

Ipswitch, Inc. File Transfer division, a developer of comprehensive secure and managed file transfer solutions, has announced it’s placement as a “Leader” in the “Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer” report, authored by Gartner Inc’s Research Director, L. Frank Kenney.

In its report, Gartner states, “Companies should consider managed file transfer (MFT) suite vendors that meet short-term tactical and long-term strategic needs. It's all too easy to react too quickly and procure and deploy technology that supports only one protocol or security standard. It's much more prudent to deploy a product that can be easily expanded and upgraded to handle multiple protocols and multiple standards in a governed way that is fully auditable.”

See Jonathan Lampe ISSP on Managed File Transfer on the Ipswitch webcast at:

Exalead CloudView Moves Into Gartner’s Challenger Quadrant for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology

Exalead, a global leader of information access solutions and software for the enterprise and on the web, today announced that it has been recognised as a market challenger in the Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology.

“We are proud to have moved into the challenger quadrant. This new position demonstrates the significant customer adoption of our products in the past year and our ability to manage search installations with extremely large scale,” said Paul Doscher, US CEO of Exalead. “Our strategy is to provide strong service to our customers while introducing new technology innovation to solve broader information challenges. As we look into 2010 and beyond, we expect that providing strategic solutions via direct sales and our partner ecosystem to be a key driver for the growth of our business.”

Other recent industry accolades for Exalead:

  • KMWorld chose Exalead CloudView as a Trend-Setting Product of the Year
  • chose Exalead as Business Intelligence and Analytics 'Product of the Year'
  • EContent Magazine chose Exalead to be in its prestigious EContent 100 list in December 2008

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

DASCOM To Exhibit At Gitex 2009

DASCOM, developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions, today announced it will be demonstrating a wide selection of its durable and robust printing solutions on Stand B3-21 of the Gitex show from 18-22nd of October in Dubai.

From impact to thermal and mobile printers to passbook printers, DASCOM has a solution for every business critical back office application. From warehouses to delivery trucks, office hubs to show floors, DASCOM printing solutions are used by thousands of organisations worldwide.

For further information please contact

Monday, 14 September 2009

Chloride Protects Heathrow Communications

Chloride provides back-up power to Heathrow Airport’s IP Telephony and Emergency Communications Network.

Chloride, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and services, today announced that BAA has chosen its equipment to provide a backup power supply to its new communications network at Heathrow Airport. Chloride’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) equipment now ensures that electrical supplies to the network, which must remain operational at all times, are not disrupted by mains power failures.

BAA’s communications system at Heathrow recently migrated to an Internet Protocol (IP) telephony network. Chloride’s new Active 3000VA UPS system will provide backup power and surge protection for ten critical points where analogue inputs, including Heathrow’s emergency telephones, fax, modems and EPOS systems, interface with the network. In addition, Chloride batteries and automatic transfer switches have been installed at each point. The UPS system will, therefore, be able to switch seamlessly between two redundant 16 Amp electrical supplies and provide three hours of back-up, should all external power be cut off. A Chloride SNMP UPS controller card has also been installed, enabling the integration of the equipment with the network and allowing for the remote interrogation and management of the system. Unsurprisingly, this set-up was subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation by BAA.

“BAA and its deployment partner (2e2) confirmed that Chloride’s design was the most efficient way to achieve high density analogue connectivity with resilient power backup,” concluded BAA Project Manager, Andy Clarke (pictured). “BAA carried out exhaustive testing in the laboratory, and Chloride was very supportive during this phase. We’re now confident that we’ve got the right set-up and equipment to do a critical job.”

A Third of Businesses Fail to Protect Sensitive Data Transfers

Ipswitch Inc.’s 2009 File Transfer Security Survey highlights weaknesses in the UK’s data infrastructure

Ipswitch, Inc.’s File Transfer division, the leading global developer of comprehensive secure and managed file transfer solutions, and COMPUTERLINKS, a leading distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions, today announced the results of their 2009 File Transfer Security Survey. The results of the study indicate huge disparities in attitudes towards data security and secure transfer: whilst 82% of organisations reported engagement in exchanges of sensitive data, only 64% encrypted their data at rest or in transfer.

In engineering and heavy industry sectors, just 54% of respondents report encrypting sensitive data as part of their secure data transfer strategy, as opposed to 69% of respondents in health, education and government. The IT sector is doing better, with 70% of respondents encrypting data, along with professional services (74%) and financial services (77.5%), where explicit and demanding regulations are in place from the FSA and Basel Committee, among others. Meanwhile, 50% of respondents in the wider economy do not actually have an encryption strategy in place.

The findings, based on a sample of more than 300 UK respondents, are available online at

Thursday, 10 September 2009

A joined up approach to rising through the search rankings

Author: Graham Thatcher, Director, MCC International

In the early 1990s I was employed as web designer at a full service-marketing consultancy. Throughout this time and without exception, every brief I received came with two clear objectives: provide our business with an online presence and make sure we perform well on the search engines.

Technically, Web 2.0 holds very little resemblance to the Internet that I was busy populating with first generation sites and today even the smallest organisations can boast a slick online appearance, with a content managed site that links directly to back office applications etc. However, the issue of search ranking remains very high on the online agenda. Whereas ten years ago the average Internet user might choose from a wide variety of search engines, the search market has consolidated with Google and Yahoo! taking the majority share (although we are yet to see the impact that Bing will make). Whilst you might think this makes it easier to perform well in a search (after all you are now dealing with fewer variables right?) It is worth noting that that last year Google announced that it had registered a trillion unique pages.

Many of the dark arts that were once employed in the early days to improve a client’s ‘organic’ search ranking (ghost pages and thousands of search words in a clear font at the bottom of a page) would today result in a site being barred from having a ranking at all, and with only two main players in the search market who wants to take the risk? With so much competition for so little screen space, organisations are often prepared to go to great, and typically expensive, lengths to improve their search positions and appear on that hallowed first page.

One of the results of this need has been the upsurge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies in recent years. These specialists are often skilled at interpreting the elusive ranking criteria that each of the search engine companies employ and can be effective in creating a strategy to help achieve their clients search goals. Similarly, most organisations will at some stage have received an invoice for their use of Google AdWords, a not to be dismissed back up position, just in case the organic search fails.

For improving organic search and Google AdWords there will at some stage need to be a debate (usually between the team responsible for the website, possibly although not always the marketing department and the SEO company) to agree the right search terms or ‘meta tags’. These are a selection of keywords and phrases that you think your customers are most likely to type in a random search in order to find you, your products and services.

All too often conspicuous by their absence in this meeting is the press office or PR agency. As a former web designer and now PR man, it seems obvious to me to include them from day one. After all, these are the people who write most of the material for the organisation whether they are press releases, articles, whitepapers, newsletters or case studies, and these materials will ultimately reside on the Internet whether it is on the organisation’s news page, a corporate blog, a social networking (Web 2.0) site, wiki, or an external online publication.

The PR input can provide an invaluable contribution. Firstly advising on keywords and phrases, based on their awareness of the market and the company’s voice on the Internet. Secondly, they have an absolutely vital role in ensuring the external content that appears on the Internet includes the keywords, phrases and terminology that are used on your site to drive traffic towards it. I provide a caveat at this point. Overt over use of keywords and phrases could damage the material’s editorial value and credibility. It is a skilful balancing act that an experienced press officer can help navigate.
When thinking about SEO, do not fall into the trap of only thinking about the optimisation of your own website. Remember that search engines crave original published content to help push you up the ranking and your press officers are experts in generating such materials, as this is what they are doing day in day out, identifying target audience (whether they are in print or online) and providing them with content. Furthermore, the news aggregators that where once dismissed by PRs and marketers as having no real editorial value now have a defined role in giving your press releases widespread exposure to the search engines, and if they include hyperlinks back to your website all the better!

Essentially, the most important element of any initiative that aims to optimise the search ranking for a website is to ensure that all those that can make a contribution are encouraged to do so in a joined up manner. The press office or PR agency has a vital role to perform in delivering the online presence so many businesses crave and involving them in the process at the early stages and keeping them engaged in the campaign will reap significant rewards.

I have worked on both sides of the fence and one organisation that has proven the benefits of PR in search is PiMS Workspace. Managing Director, Martin Atkinson, recently commented on the company’s use of PR in SEO activity: “Within less than a year we have found ourselves rising up to the top of the Google search rankings. We’ve found that PR is the most cost-effective way of increasing our search engine optimisation.”

Joint KTN Online Seminar To Look At Adoption of Diagnostics In The NHS: 21st September 2009, 15:30 – 16:30 BST

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, is chairing, in conjunction with the Sensors & Instrumentation KTN and the HealthTech & Medicines KTN, an online seminar that will focus on technology innovation and uptake of diagnostics in the NHS. The online presentation will look at whether the substantial sums spent on diagnostics research and development, is actually delivering benefits to patients in the UK.

eTelemetry Joins Extreme Networks' Go Purple Partner Program

Extreme Networks and eTelemetry, a leader in extracting real-time business information from network activity, today announced that eTelemetry has joined Extreme Networks® Go Purple™ Partner Program, where the companies are teaming to provide best-of-breed and proven interoperable network solutions.

As part of the relationship, Extreme Networks customers now have access to the advanced asset management capabilities within eTelemetry’s flagship network appliance, Locate, which provides enterprises with the identity behind each switch port on the network without costly NAC or desktop agent deployments.

For the full release or any further information, please contact or call 01962 888100

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Extreme Networks, Silver Sponsor At Carrier Ethernet World Congress In Berlin

Extreme Networks today announced it will be exhibiting and participating as a silver sponsor at Carrier Ethernet World Congress, 21-24 September at MARITIM ProArte Hotel in Berlin.

Extreme Networks® activities will focus on the needs of service providers today as they face a difficult economy. The need for operational efficiency, high performance, and scalability will be addressed with an eye on lowering the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).


Extreme Networks will be showcasing its carrier Ethernet solutions, including the BlackDiamond® 20808, its purpose-built metro Ethernet transport switch that raises the bar for scaling carrier networks. In addition, the company will be demonstrating new provisioning software which was recently acquired from Soapstone Networks. The software will be integrated into the company’s EPICenter® network management system to allow operators to easily provision,monitor and troubleshoot Ethernet transport networks from an integrated application.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Exalead CloudView Named A KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of the Year

Exalead, a global leader of search solutions and information access software in the enterprise and on the web, today announced that Exalead CloudView™ has been named a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product for 2009 for the fourth year in a row.

The Trend-Setting Products awards began in 2003. This year more than 800 products were assessed by KMWorld’s judging panel, which consists of editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators, the vendors themselves, line-of-business managers, and users.

“For the fourth year in a row, Exalead's solution has impressed us with its speed, scalability and the ability to unify different information sources,” said Hugh McKellar, KMWorld editor in chief. “The company's innovative approach to search is both what brings value to its customers and what keeps it on our judges' radar year after year."

Friday, 4 September 2009

Press release: PiMS Workspace Accredited To International Green Standard

Workspace specialist advises businesses to stay informed of potential waste disposal pitfalls

PiMS Workspace, the leading UK provider of tailored accommodation solutions, has today announced that it is the first project management company in the corporate relocation and refurbishment sector to be certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as compliant with the international standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. PiMS Workspace was certified for its Environmental Management System and policy, which is designed to help PiMS Workspace to better manage its environmental risks currently and in the future, reduce public liability insurance costs and ensure the proper and legal disposal of waste on behalf of clients.

For further info, interviews and images, please contact

Thursday, 3 September 2009

G8 in L’Aquila, Italy: Extreme Networks Provided Security, Reliability and Constant Connectivity

As the world’s leaders recently united for the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy, they were supported in their initiative by a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, capable of providing total data traffic and Internet connection security.

Extreme Networks’ products were deployed to form the local network infrastructure by Elsag Datamant, responsible for the management of the large scale IT project required for the G8 summit.

During the 25-day conference, the local area network permitted not only traditional Internet access, but also use of multimedia content for information distribution, in both IPTV streaming and on-demand mode. In this highly sensitive environment, the key elements of the service were reliability, continuity and security, together with all-important high performance. Another key feature was the implementation of a Wi-Fi network coverage system allowing personnel involved in the summit to access the network from practically anywhere in the restricted area, whilst maintaining the measures for security and protection of exchanged information.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac is proud to announce it has reached the finals of the prestigious Computer Reseller News (CRN) Awards 2009. The SME Reseller of the Year award category recognises excellence and exceptional performance in the IT sales and services industry.

For more details please contact:

Graham Thatcher/Simon Hewitt/Fiona Brewer
MCC International
T: 01962 888 100
F: 01962 888 125

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Kaspersky Lab - Are you being attacked by the Cybercriminals?

The threat of Cybercrime continues to grow at pace with more than 30,000 new threats detected every day. The objective of the vast majority of these threats is to make money illegally and therefore Cybercriminals are becoming evermore ingenious in hiding the presence of their programs from those they have infected. Sometimes even the most experienced of computer users will not realise that their PC or laptop is infected with a virus, so how do you know if your computer is infected?

For further details or a full copy of the article please contact:

MCC International
Graham Thatcher / Simon Hewitt
01962 888100


Hall 11 Stand No. 1106; China International Exhibition on Financial Banking Technology and Equipment; 2 - 5 September 2009; Beijing Exhibition Centre, China

Talaris, a former De La Rue company and the global expert in cash handling technology, has chosen the 2009 Chinese International Financial (Banking) Technology & Equipment Exhibition (CIFTEE) to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the Chinese banking market, confirming that China is the centre of the company’s OEM growth strategy. Talaris will also use the event to unveil its new NMD 100e notes and media dispenser, launch a dedicated OEM extranet and announce three major, volume agreements with key customers in China.