Friday, 19 April 2013

Is Social media taking over your life?

Social Media seems to have taken over our lives (at least for some of us anyway!) – think of pretty much any situation and you will often see people frantically Tweeting or updating their Facebook status on every point of interest, sharing it with online friends and contacts. There are those that cast a cynical eye over the phenomenon of course, Charlie Brooker’s excellent Black Mirror series of thought-provoking dramas seem to be obsessed with the effects that Social Media has on our lives (a recent episode even saw a woman speaking to an artificial intelligence version of her dead partner created and styled by using his online comments and persona). However, for better or worse (I’ll let you make your mind up on that) Social Media is very much a part of our contemporary society and banking provider First Direct has commissioned new research that suggests there are some very interesting groups or personas of online blogger that are emerging.

The research highlighters 12 different types of Social Media user:
·         The Ultras
·         The Deniers
·         The Dippers
·         The Virgins
·         The Lurkers
·         The Peacocks
·         The Ranters
·         The Changelings
·         The Quizzers
·         The Informers
·         The Approval Seekers

Even from the titles I think many of us can identify with at least one (or probably most) of the categories, either because we can identify ourselves or other users that we follow or have witnessed. Like any other area of human civilization, individuals deal with Social Media in a specific way that reflects their personality. Naturally when this is in the public eye it affects the way others see us, be it socially or professionally. At MCC International we would be the first to argue that your online persona is rapidly becoming as important (if not more so in some cases) as the way you conduct yourself offline. Reputation is a difficult concept to prove, but you certainly know it’s gone if you lose it!
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Sharing your opinions

 We are living in an age where many people are increasingly generators of news as much as consumers of it. This has been particularly evident this week with the astonishing outpouring of praise and derision that seems to have been vented at the news of the death of ex-UK PM Margaret Thatcher. Whilst the press divisions on party loyalty were always going to colour the eulogies and critiques that have followed this story, the public comments have really brought it home how easy it is now for everyone to express their opinion in full public view. Not so long ago this would have been the traditional shouting at the TV in the privacy of your home in protest or a heated pub discussion, but now the likes of Twitter mean that off the cuff remarks are harder to forget. Look at the bother Youth Crime Commissioner Paris Brown got herself into this week after some ill-advised Tweets. Anyone who uses the likes of Twitter is very much in the public spotlight and that can be very uncomfortable (and potentially career ruining) if you’re not savvy about the kind of content you post.

Legislation has also become tighter when it comes to website and blogger content too. A new Government appointed press watchdog has made it clear that bloggers may face stiff libel fines under recently introduced rules – effectively being treated in the same way as more traditionally recognised news channels. There is a saying that ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ and this seems to be especially evident as the online world is increasingly regulated by legal controls. Sending out press releases has always meant that there is at least a likelihood that a press-law trained individual would have a chance to vet any text before it is published (although this is by no means a certainty and is much better vetted before issue to the press!) Publishing your own blog is rapidly becoming a brave new world for anyone who partakes in it and whilst the wide public exposure is very appealing it also brings its own pitfalls. So unless you are well versed in libel law why not get some advice (and help in managing your content) from somebody who knows what they are talking about – It’s what we’re here for! We can steer you away from potential faux pas and help you actually make the most of the exciting online medium!      

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