Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Datanet Hosts Website For Admat’s Maritime Archaeology

...Business ISP Hosts ADMAT’s Communication

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP today announced that it has been chosen to host the e-mail and website for the Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (ADMAT).

ADMAT formed in 2001 by Dr. Simon Spooner and Christine Nielsen with its American sub division, ADMAT USA initiated early in 2005, are both non-profit educational organisations, aiming to protect the Underwater Maritime Cultural Heritage in the Caribbean and America. ADMAT surveys, records and advises on how to protect shipwrecks and helps students to participate in maritime archaeological fieldwork.

When ADMAT began, there was no quick and easy way of sharing information with students and worldwide enthusiasts. ADMAT needed a communicative tool that could show the findings of excavations, give details of upcoming projects and share its images and video footage. Dr. Spooner sought advice from Datanet on whether or not a website would be able to cater for its needs.

Dr. Simon Spooner decided to choose Datanet to host the e-mail and website for ADMAT. Datanet helped him create the website and has been hosting it since. “I was one of Datanet’s first customers in 1996 and so it was a logical progression to turn to it again. Datanet is directly responsible for our means of communication – our website. I manage and design the website and Datanet helps me with technical side,” commented ADMAT’s President and Excavation Director Dr. Simon Spooner.

Datanet also manages and monitors e-mail traffic for ADMAT. “Datanet filters out all of the rubbish so that we only get the e-mails that are meant for us, enabling our students to communicate directly with us via e-mail in an efficient and secure format, and vice versa,” added Spooner.

“ADMAT will continue to remain loyal to Datanet. Not only is the thought of moving our website onerous, but Datanet is so efficient that we have no desire to look elsewhere for another host. Our website is home grown, and Datanet provides us with enough space to continue to expand,” concludes Dr. Spooner.
Further information on ADMAT can be seen on its web site www.admat.org.uk

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Monday, 15 August 2005

Ipswitch Reveals That Spam Is Taking A Summer Vacation

...Messaging Expert Reveals That Spam is Down by Over 20% on Previous Period...

Ipswitch, the leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, today announced that 74% of email received in a special survey conducted for Ipswitch over the Summer period was unwanted spam, down from 93% over the Easter period. The survey shows a welcome relief for UK businesses from the nuisance of spam over the summer period.

Although mortgage and loan spam held on to the top spot, it fell from 44% the previous period to a third of spam emails this time. Second remained unwanted emails offering various types of medication (up from 18% to 22%). Next was the new trend of emails attempting to ‘phish’ recipients’ banking details with spurious claims of Lottery wins and online gambling accounts (12.5% up from 9%), with various pornographic offerings rising to the occasion at number four. Last was spam offering pirated software with 9% of the total spam received.

1. Mortgages and Loans – 33% – (Non Mover)
2. Medication – 22% – (Non Mover)
3. Lottery/Gambling – 12.5% – (Up from number 4)
4. Pornographic – 12.5% – (Up from number 5)
5. Pirated Software – 9% – (Down from number 3)

“Although the percentage of spam arriving in email inboxes can vary substantially, the importance of having efficient filters in place is as relevant as ever because productivity can be adversely affected by even small amounts of messaging spam. Businesses lose countless man-hours a week in staff having to sift through the deluge of email in their inbox to get to those that have a real affect on the bottom line,” said Ipswitch’s vice president of marketing, Alex Neihaus. “Collaboration is a cornerstone of doing business in the 21st century and companies cannot do enough to protect this vital part of their business communications.”

“Although the user is becoming more knowledgeable in their approach to spam, the Spammers are at least one step ahead. The rise in phishing Spam is the most worrying, as this is often quite sophisticated – and has the highest financial repercussions for users. It is of massive importance that users have suitable anti-spam capabilities in place,” said Quocirca analyst Clive Longbottom.

Ipswitch’s leading messaging solution, Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (ICS) 2.0, features new anti-spam technology, available in ICS Premium and ISP editions, with spam profiles handcrafted by human editors to prevent the latest efforts in spam attacks.

For a full breakdown of results please contact MCC International (ipswitchpr@mccint.com).

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Monday, 8 August 2005

Datanet Celebrates Nine Years In The Fast Lane Of The Digital Superhighway

...Business ISP Celebrates Its Ninth Birthday...

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP, today announced that it has just celebrated it’s ninth birthday – and like all nine year olds, enjoyed a birthday cake with the customary party atmosphere.

The company was founded in 1996; a year when the Euro ’96 finals were held in Wembley and caused football frenzy to sweep over England, only to have their chances snapped away when they lost to Germany in a penalty shoot out. It was the year when the mobile phone took the nation by storm and The Spice Girls stepped into the limelight to preach the unforgettable ‘Girl Power’ message to new doting fans.

Nine years on and Datanet is revelling in an extremely successful year and had great cause for celebration when it was presented the Best National Business ISP title at the annual ISPA awards. The award, won against the fiercest competition from major ISP corporations, is a shining example of how smaller customer-focused businesses can triumph in markets where much larger but less flexible service providers operate.

Datanet provide a wide range of customers with VPNs and business broadband solutions including London Camera Exchange, 3C Communications and Toymonkey to name but a few. “Our customers all give us the same feedback – they can always speak with real people at Datanet to handle their queries or orders,” commented Managing Director and company founder, Conleth McCallan.
“With nine years experience in the industry, Datanet implement class leading Internet solutions for multi-site organisations.”

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Monday, 1 August 2005

Sunningdale Golf Club Swings Into Action Thanks To Datanet And Unigold

...Famous Golf Club Turns To Datanet For Its New Communication Infrastructure...

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP today announced that with assistance from Unigold 2000, it is providing Sunningdale Golf Club with a secure VPN solution to connect all of its out buildings and provide high-speed remote and more secure Internet access for its staff and members.

Sunningdale Golf Club in Surrey is one of the most famous and exclusive golf clubs in the world having hosted both the European Open and the Women’s British Open in recent years. Sunningdale boast two championship courses built around an imposing Edwardian clubhouse.

Keen to move forward and progress its technological backbone, the Golf Club felt the need to update the infrastructure in its clubhouse to provide a faster and more secure Internet connection for staff and members alike. Outside of the central clubhouse the club was also keen to extend its Internet network to connect all its out buildings and provide high-speed remote access for staff.

Sunningdale Golf Club decided to turn to Datanet partner Unigold 2000 for product and support due to the company’s extensive experience in upgrading the networks of numerous other local golf courses.

“Over the years Unigold has found Datanet to be the most reliable and professional ISP on the market,” explained Unigold 2000’s Managing Director Matt Gaskin. “We installed a 2 Mbps broadband connection throughout the clubhouse, built on Datanet’s offerings and coupled it with the added security of a VPN and firewall,” said Gaskin.

“It is great that such an ambitious project has been underpinned by Datanet’s offerings,” said Datanet MD Conleth McCallan. “The club values its members and wants to provide the best service possible to them. Through using our secure VPN solution, Unigold 2000 has installed a fast, secure communications infrastructure for them.”

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