Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Press Release: Reseller Leapfrog’s Targets Thanks to TallyGenicom

...Profit To Jump 130% Thanks To Printer Manufacturer’s Revolutionary Programme...

TallyGenicom, a leading provider of focused, responsive business printers, today announced that its flagship distributor, Bolton based Leapfrog Computers, is predicting sales of £2.3m this year – an increase of 130% – on the back of TallyGenicom’s Commission for Life channel programme. The popular scheme offers channel members 10% commission on all customer consumable purchases throughout the lifecycle of the printer.

Managing Director Lee Bevan established Leapfrog in 1999 with the concept of a whole new offering to the IT industry. The company stocks products from twelve complimentary vendors but doesn’t class itself as one of the box shifter brigade, instead striving to offer its customers a more rewarding, mutually beneficial and overall cost effective solution to their IT requirements.

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Press Release: Datanet Speaks Logic to Freight Specialists Kintetsu

...Business ISP Datanet Host Communication Network For Leading Logistics Company Kintetsu World Express...

Datanet, the UK’s leading business ISP today announced that it is providing seamless communication between all of Kintetsu World Express’ (KWE) UK sites. Datanet has cut costs for KWE by installing ADSL connections, meaning greater bandwidth, ensuring a faster, more cost effective connection.

Kintetsu World Express, Inc is a member of the Kintetsu group and specialises in transportation and logistics. It’s 64 companies provide freight forwarding by land, sea and air worldwide with a presence in 35 countries, 171 cities and over 330 offices.

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Press Release: Sensa Expands Operations With The Appointment Of New Project Manager

...Former Pirelli Operations Manager Steve Horne Joins Management Team At Sensa Headquarters...

Sensa, the leading provider of fibre optic temperature sensing and monitoring solutions for critical assets around the world, today announced it was extending its management team at its head office in Southampton, Hampshire, with the appointment of Steve Horne to Project Manager. Steve will be the Contracts/Projects Manager for Sensa’s Industrial division.

Steve joins Sensa from Prysmian Cables & Systems (formerly Pirelli Cables Ltd.) where as Operations Manager he was responsible for the technical and commercial management of overseas installation operations and the UK contracts management department. He brings to Sensa over 40 years electrical engineering knowledge and senior management expertise. During his 23 year tenure with Pirelli he managed many International turnkey cable installation contracts, including projects in the US, Spain, South America and the Middle East.

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Thursday, 24 November 2005

Press Release: Innos Announces R&D Partnership with Philips

...UK Companies and Academic Institutions To Benefit from Innos Use Of The World Class MiPlaza Cleanroom For Processing And Production...

Innos, the UK’s leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology today announced that it has signed a partnership with Philips. The agreement provides Innos engineers with access to the world-class Philips Microsystems Plaza (MiPlaza) R&D cleanroom facilities and services, at the high tech campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The announcement follows a statement issued by Innos (31st October 2005) that a fire at the University of Southampton (Sunday 30th October 2005) had affected its ability to complete processing and production. Immediately procedures were put into action to ensure business continues as usual. With immediate effect Innos engineers have full access to the equipment and facilities housed within the 26502m cleanroom of MiPlaza.

Interviews with the CEO of Innos, photography and further information are available from MCC International, email innospr@mccint.com.

Tuesday, 22 November 2005

MCC Delivers 24 Hour Case Study!

"Case studies are the life-blood of our marketing effort," says Dan May, Director of ramsac. "We have put this work in MCC International's capable hands for the last two years and their results are strong. Never stronger than this week when they turned round a complete case study - from taking a brief to delivering finished, approved copy - in just under 24 hours. That really is tangible ROI!"

Press Release: Steam To Conduct Red Orchestra

Tripwire Interactive today announced a new World War II PC game, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Tripwire will deliver its award-winning first person shooter via Steam, Valve's online content delivery system. The original Red Orchestra won Nvidia's "$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal" contest. Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is a standalone follow-up, built on Epic’s Unreal 2.5 EngineTM, that introduces new gameplay and features.

Red Orchestra lets players choose from 28 infantry weapons or crew one of 14 different fully-realised vehicles on the Russian Front between 1941-45. The combination of roles across more than one dozen maps, based on real-world locations and battles, allows Red Orchestra to finally achieve its goal of delivering a full first-person, WWII combat simulation.

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Monday, 21 November 2005

Press Release: Exosex CM Approved in a Further Three US States

...Environmental Protection Agencies Of Oregon, Washington and Michigan Join The Growing Number Of States To Approve Exosect’s Codling Moth Mating Disruption System...

Exosect, a leading technology provider of environmentally conscious insect pest control, today announced that a further three US Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) in Oregon, Washington and Michigan have granted regulatory approval for Exosex CM. Exosex CM is an innovative auto-confusion technique designed to reduce the damaging effects of the Codling Moth on apple, pear and walnut crops by reducing the population of the Codling Moth through mating disruption. These decisions follow the recent approval of this product by the Californian EPA.

Managing Director of Exosect, John Chandler, comments, “We are very keen to secure the product registration of Exosex CM in a number of US states and are delighted that we are making excellent progress with the approval of these most recent EPAs. It allows us the chance to bring to market a natural system for Codling Moth control, which aims to support the existing Integrated Pest Management process by reducing the dependency on insecticides. We have also applied for organic approval and expect to hear soon.”

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Friday, 18 November 2005

Press Release: Datanet Lowers Prices to Help Connect UK Businesses

...Datanet Cuts Prices On ADSL And SDSL Internet Connections...

Datanet, the UK's leading Business ISP, today announced that it is running a very special offer for UK companies by supplying Business ADSL connections of up to 2Mb for just £30 per month. With Business ADSL, companies can experience the high quality and reliability that has gained Datanet numerous industry awards, at a fraction of standard business class prices.

Datanet's Business ADSL services are among the most reliable in the country and are now available at this special offer price for the first time. Contended at 20:1, with uncapped and unlimited usage allowance, Datanet's Business ADSL connections are ideal for companies of all sizes.

Interviews, photography and further information are available from MCC International via datanetpr@mccint.com.

Thursday, 17 November 2005

Press Release: NICE to Acquire FAST Video Security AG for $21 Million in Cash

* Continues strategic plan for external growth that complements organic growth

* Strengthens public and security business by enhancing offering to digital video security market

* Strengthens position in the video security market with smart IP-based solutions and technologies complementary to digital video offering

*Extends presence in the digital video security market by increasing footprint in Europe and APAC with world-class distribution channels and partners, and with new prestigious customers

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact nicepr@mccint.com.

Press Release: eema Leads European Debate on Potential and Implications Of e-ID

...e-ID Conference: ‘Current Perspective And Initiatives In Business And Government From Around Europe’ Brussels, February 2006...

eema, the independent European association for e-business, today announced it is bringing together key industry players to review, debate and plan for the future of e-ID cards for EU member states. At The European e-ID Card Conference in 2006, eema will drive the delegates and speakers to debate the issues, challenges and solutions facing industry as electronic identity card (e-ID) schemes proliferate across governments and organisations.

The basis of e-ID schemes is to authenticate users or identify them through advanced features such as biometric information as well as to support a digital signature facility that can give consent in an e-Transaction process.

Having been implemented nationally in several member states already including the Netherlands, electronic identities are fundamental for secure access to and convenient use of eGovernment services in Europe and are also helping organisations to tackle the problem of managing multiple identities.

Editorial Contact: eemapr@mccint.com

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Press Release: DataFort Provides Secure Backup for Globe Micro Customers

...Appointed On The Basis Of Competitive Pricing, Ease Of Use And Location...

DataFort, the leading UK provider of off-site data backup, today announced that Globe Micro, a leading UK IT solutions provider, has taken advantage of its Self Billing Dealership programme. Globe Micro has been able to re-brand DataFort’s data backup service and offer it to customers as part of their total IT solutions.

Globe Micro provides complete outsourced IT departments to nearly 100 sites in the UK. “Data backup is a critical service for our customer base, we were keen to move from our original software provider (Novastor based in the US), to a local, UK based-company that could offer second line support to our clients on UK time,” states Chief Executive of Globe Micro, Lucien Bartram.

CEO and Founder of DataFort, Gavin Smith, comments, “We offer re-sellers a commercially superior solution to in-house data backup. We achieve this by providing them with an enterprise quality service that, if done in-house, would cost far more to implement and decrease their margins significantly. By reselling the ‘brandable’ DataFort service suite, channel partners are able to forgo the considerable costs associated with backup like software licensing, hardware purchase and service management and focus capital on marketing and other areas with a definable R.O.I.”

EDITORIAL CONTACT: datafortpr@mccint.com

Press Release: Tripwire Interactive To Launch Red Orchestra

Tripwire Interactive today announced the development of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41 - 45 – the long awaited follow-up to the multi award winning mod.

Since winning the $1,000,000 ‘Make Something Unreal’ contest in January 2005, Tripwire has used Epic’s Unreal 2.5 Engine technology to build the next evolution in online team-based combat simulation. With uncompromising levels of realism, authenticity and historical accuracy, players can fight as individual infantrymen or tank crew in the theatre of war that changed the world forever: the Eastern Front of World War II. Tripwire is confident that Red Orchestra will offer the most realistic first person, multi-player combat created to date for the PC.

Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41 – 45 will be available soon. To schedule a review, and for interviews and images, contact the Tripwire Interactive press office via tripwire@mccint.co.uk

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

MCC To Roll With Segway®!

...Segway Inc., developers of the Segway Human Transporter, have appointed us for a Pan-European PR Push...

The US-based developer of the Segway® Human Transporter (HT) has appointed award-winning PR and Marketing agency MCC International to implement a pan-European consumer and trade campaign, promoting the benefits of this eco-friendly transportation device.

Since its unveiling in 2001, commuters, industry and police forces worldwide have embraced the electric-powered Segway HT. Now, with a new range of models, Segway Inc. is keen to raise the profile of this self-balancing transporter in key European markets.

“With a solid background in both technical and consumer PR, MCC International has all the skills and experience we need to spread the word about the Segway HT and everything it can offer,” explains Segway Inc. Director of Marketing Communications, Heather Sheldon. “MCC’s role is to convey the message that the Segway HT has a variety of applications beneficial to business and society. Its use translates into operational efficiencies, improvement of response times and low maintenance costs for industry, and reduced pollution, parking problems and traffic congestion for the everyday commuter. In these times of escalating energy prices, the Segway HT is a smart alternative to fuel-dependent modes of transportation.”

MCC International Director Ian Peel says: “We’re delighted to be working with Segway Inc. This is a fantastic product with huge potential that will give MCC yet another opportunity to prove our versatility. After a week of intense training at the Segway Inc. headquarters in New Hampshire with the executive team and creator Dean Kamen we can’t wait to get rolling!”

With celebrity fans including Jay Kay, Peter Gabriel and Pink, and commercial users ranging from the Municipal Police in Malaga, Spain to the US armed forces, the Segway HT can run for up to 24 miles on a single charge and can go up to 12.5 miles an hour.

Monday, 7 November 2005

MCC International Appointed to Promote Sensa’s Innovative Temperature Monitoring System

...Proven Expertise In High Technology Wins Winchester Company Prestigious Contract For Global Promotional Campaign...

Award-winning media and marketing consultancy MCC International today announced that it has been hired by the Southampton-based Schlumberger company, Sensa, for a global promotional push of the company’s innovative fibre optic temperature sensing solutions.

MCC’s appointment for on-going work follows two successful short-term projects: Chinese event management and the relaunch of the Sensa website (www.sensa.org). Marketing Manager at Sensa, Christine Harding comments, "We are confident that MCC International will successfully push the Sensa brand and solutions in our market space, to great effect."

"Sensa is the originator and brand leader in fiber optic temperature sensing technology, and we are delighted to be given the job of maintaining its position, together with promoting and enhancing Sensa’s thought leadership within the market," says Director at MCC International, Ian Peel.

Part of the Schlumberger group, Sensa is an $18.5 million company headquartered in the UK with offices in Houston, Dubai and Singapore. It operates in over 60 countries, with clients including ABB, Skanska, Samsung, National Grid, Esso and Shell.

Press Release: TallyGenicom Surpasses Commission For Life Reseller Target

TallyGenicom, a leading provider of focused, responsive business printers, today announced that 50 resellers have signed up to its ‘Commission for Life’ channel programme launched in April 2005. This highlights the need for good long-term partner relationships in the increasingly competitive UK printer marketplace.

“We have always been known for our competitive range of laser printers but with the Commission for Life programme, we have been able to provide our resellers with an innovative solution that rewards them for their loyalty,” commented TallyGenicom’s Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing, Robin Edwardes. “This has enabled us to build long-term relationships and work more effectively with our European channel partners.”

Interviews, photography and further information are all available from MCC International via tallygenicompr@mccint.com.

Press Release: Temtec Names Cubus Partner Of The Year

Temtec, a leading provider of intuitive self-service analysis and reporting software for business intelligence, today named Cubus, a provider of made to measure Corporate Performance Management software, partner of the year. The award follows an extremely successful year when together, Temtec and Cubus have served customers such as DHL, Siemens and E-Plus.

Cubus has been a partner of Temtec’s for over six years and was its first partner in Germany. Executive Viewer, Temtec’s powerful yet user friendly front-end OLAP business intelligence tool is an important part of Cubus’ market offering, as an integrated component in its Performance Management solution ABC and as a standalone product.

Review copies, interviews, screen shots and information are available from MCC International via temtecpr@mccint.com.

Friday, 4 November 2005

News From MCC: Marketing Award Nomination for Southampton FC ‘Be’ Campaign

Our thriving design team Barracuda have had their ‘BE’ campaign for Southampton FC shortlisted for the Marketing Design Awards 2005.

Launched in April 2005 the ‘BE’ campaign has its origins in Southampton FC’s famous ‘BE IN THAT NUMBER’ chant that can be heard at every game. “We wanted a campaign that would encapsulate the ethos of Southampton FC. The ‘BE’ campaign engages with the supporters and promotes a sense of pride, belonging and heritage for the whole community,” explains Head of Sales & Marketing at Southampton FC, Steve Davies. “We are all delighted, it is the strongest campaign with the most impact we have ever run at the club.”

The ‘BE’ campaign has been embraced across all of Southampton FC’s promotional activity from brochures, retail and direct mail to large 96 sheet billboard posters. Marketing Manager at Southampton FC, Emma Charman adds, “We continue to be impressed by the professionalism and creative talent provided by the team at Barracuda. The whole of Southampton FC is giving its full endorsement to this well deserved nomination. ”

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Press Release: National Grid Selects Sensa For Pipeline Temperature Monitoring At UK’s First LNG Plant For 20 Years

...Distributed Temperature Sensing System Installed In New 4km Pipeline At Isle Of Grain Terminal...

Sensa, the leading provider of fibre optic temperature sensing and monitoring solutions for critical assets around the world, today announced that its fibre optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system has been chosen by National Grid plc for continuous temperature monitoring of a new 4km pipeline at the first UK LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) importation terminal for 20 years at the Isle of Grain, Kent.

A bespoke DTS system designed by Sensa has been installed at the terminal, providing 82 sensing elements that are attached to the top and bottom surfaces of the pipe. The pipeline forms part of the first phase of the development of the LNG terminal at the Isle of Grain, which was opened earlier this year as part of National Grid’s development project and £130m of initial investment.

Editorial Contacts: MCC International, sensapr@mccint.com.