Friday, 14 December 2012

So this is Christmas…

As is the case most years, by the time you reach mid-December many people’s minds are on the big ‘C’ and whether you like it or not, it’s a major event for most of us (especially as it’s often grouped together with New Year). It’s a good chance to take a well-deserved break, to enjoy a little down-time and to perhaps reflect on the past year and look forward to the challenges and rewards of the new one.  Judging by the amount of ’Out of Office’ replies we have seen this week a lot of people are already getting well into the festive spirit! Putting the festivities aside for just a moment (there are still two weekends to go!) it’s also an ideal time to start thinking about how your Marketing and PR campaign for the new year can drive forward your business’ profile, reacquainting customers and potential customers with just how good you are and helping to make sure you create your own ‘luck’ in 2013! There is no harm in hitting the ground running in the new year…..

Levels of English literacy have long be debated (probably as long as the language has existed!) but in a new twist, as reported in the BBC News website this week, it would seem that the English language as a whole is being shaped by Internet usage. Whilst English is predicted to be the dominant online language within the next 10 years (with the majority, by percentage, being in Chinese at the moment) there is the fact that many people using it will be second language speakers. It’s interesting to see how the globalisation of technology can directly affect the way we communicate, potentially even the way we speak! If you’re wondering what the cultural flipside might be of not having a vast Internet to explore, why not take a look at North Korea’s far more ‘selective’ scope at the state-controlled Naenara website, which shows what its people can see if they manage to be in the small ‘Elite’ minority that has access to this.
Back to the wider Internet, there are some Christmas favourites re-emerging again at the moment – such as festive cards and videos (featuring yours or any friends/family/pets faces you might choose!) at JibJab or even the Santa Tracking from the nice people at NORAD! It’s all a reminder that you can find all human interest on the Internet (and a reminder that your business should be getting its fair share of coverage!)
All the team at MCC International wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (or Happy Holidays if that’s more appropriate to you!!)