Tuesday, 29 June 2010

dhc On Trend With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Following the recent Forrester Wave™ CRM suite review for midsized organisations, dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, is advising businesses of the benefits of investing in the correct Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to maintain and improve their competitive position. After evaluating 19 leading CRM suite solutions, the review highlighted that 47% of surveyed organisations in North America and Europe have already implemented a CRM system with an additional 23% planning to invest in the next 12 to 24 months.

Whilst many CRM technology projects were deferred or cancelled in 2009 as a result of the economic downturn, organisations of all sizes are again investing to improve the customer management capabilities, which may have been neglected. With this in mind, Surrey-based dhc is emphasising the need for companies to drive business growth whilst managing costs, and encouraging managers to deploy CRM solutions that allow seamless and secure delivery of business profitability.

As a leading Microsoft partner selling Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SMEs, dhc believes the software is an ideal investment based on its versatility and delivery through Microsoft Outlook, a familiar and user-friendly interface. Buyers are often attracted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM if they have made a commitment to a Microsoft infrastructure in order to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) in buying and managing business technologies. The software’s usability, lower price and customisation capabilities are also appealing when compared with other traditional CRM applications.

dhc Director, Matt Garman comments, “As a Microsoft partner, it’s pleasing to see that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is recognised as a clear leader in the mid-market and enterprise space, based on the strength of its offering and strategy. It is also encouraging to see that a number of vendors have recognised the value in extending CRM to other areas of the business outside of the typical CRM cornerstones of sales, marketing and service. This is something that Microsoft particularly understands, hence its expansion into xRM, an extended CRM service.”

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