Wednesday, 30 June 2010

DASCOM GB Continues Its Success With The T5040 Passbook Printer

Former TallyGenicom printer gets a new lease of life

DASCOM GB, developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions, continues to manufacture and distribute the former TallyGenicom T5040 passbook printer, specifically aimed at high street banks and building societies. In addition to its ability to print traditional account passbooks, the T5040 can also print smaller documents such as private cheques and receipts.

“The T5040 is already used by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and the majority of building societies in the UK,” explained DASCOM GB’s Managing Director, Robin Edwardes. It is a durable, robust, dependable printer that supports a wide variety of printing applications. We believe we have the best printer and support on the market, and judging by our continuing success in this market place with customers migrating to DASCOM, our customers agree.”

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