Tuesday, 8 December 2009

dhc Advises on IT Budget Investment

Following the recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of companies and their IT budgets, dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, is today advising organisations to recognise the benefits of investing in Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools to maintain and improve their competitive position. The results highlighted that 63% of UK and Irish companies surveyed are likely to increase their IT budgets in 2010 with 41% of firms stating that CRM software would receive “significant investment.”

Despite the economic climate causing IT budget cuts across many organisations and industries, businesses are still focused on increased customer retention and profitability. With this in mind, Surrey-based dhc is emphasising the need for companies to drive business growth whilst managing costs, and encouraging managers to deploy CRM solutions that allow seamless and secure delivery of business profitability.

“Every business is different, so flexibility and functionality is paramount to success,” said dhc’s Director, Matt Garman. “By deploying CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, forward thinking companies will be able to make informed decisions in order to strengthen and improve their current customer relationships whilst embarking on new leads during the current economic conditions.”

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Emerging Technology Workshop To Educate Managers On The Business And Productivity Benefits Of IT

dhc, a provider of integrated software solutions, is today inviting business managers to attend the Emerging Technology workshop on 13th January 2010. Held in partnership with The FD Centre and ramsac, the free-to-attend event aims to take a straight-talking, non-technical approach to the opportunities and operational efficiencies that IT can deliver to SMEs.

Explains dhc’s Director, Matt Garman, “Today’s abundance of technical jargon and the pressures of the recession, combined with the fast-paced nature of technology, mean that many business owner/managers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that they are investing wisely in IT, but still maintaining a competitive edge. Our workshop will break down the opportunities available to improve productivity and highlight the risks that should be avoided.”

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ZyXEL Joins Extreme Networks Go Purple Partner Program to Jointly Promote Interoperable Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Extreme Networks and ZyXEL Communications , a leading broadband access solutions provider, today announced that ZyXEL’s MEF certified Carrier Ethernet Switches and Extreme Networks’ Carrier Ethernet solutions, including the BlackDiamond® 20800 Carrier Ethernet switch, have been jointly tested for interoperability to ensure reliable network performance.

Architectural flexibility and intelligent service delivery were tested for interoperability as part of Extreme Networks® Go Purple™ Partner Program. The companies also evaluated fast failover over resilient rings, the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS), and network security. These jointly tested solutions help service providers to build a scalable and reliable service-driven Carrier Ethernet network.

Friday, 4 December 2009

UK Contact Centre Professionals Vote Noetica Synthesys as a Top Ten Call Centre Technology of 2009

Readers of Call Centre Helper vote for the latest version of the multi-channel contact centre software solution

Noetica, a provider of agile customer interaction management (CIM) solutions for the contact centre, today announces that SynthesysTM version 4.1 has been recognised as a Top Ten Call Centre Technology of 2009. The award is based on votes from readers of the UK’s leading online weekly magazine for contact centre professionals, Call Centre Helper (www.callcentrehelper.com). For further information and interviews, please contact noeticapr@mccint.com

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Extreme Networks Data Centre Strategy Helps Organisations Migrate From The Physical To The Virtual To The Cloud

Extreme Networks is presenting its data centre network vision at this week’s Gartner’s Data Centre Conference in Las Vegas, providing a blueprint for the critical data centre transition ahead, migrating organisations from a physical network, to a virtual network to a location-independent cloud network.

The challenge in today’s data centre consists of transitioning to a virtualised environment while leveraging existing network investments. The migration of the data centre to a virtualised infrastructure means bringing visibility of virtual machines (VMs) to the network level and solving the department divide between switches and server staffs that has been introduced with virtualisation. Finally, organisations seek to avoid approaches that strand their assets and are tied to proprietary architectures.

“Extreme Networks has developed a network infrastructure solution that accommodates the evolving technology landscape in the data centre,” said Extreme Networks Chairman and co-founder, Gordon Stitt. “Our data centre infrastructure solution allows users to migrate from a traditional or ‘physical’ infrastructure to a virtual one, without forcing a certain technology, or operating methodology on the user.”

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Xenos Enterprise Server Earns Intel Certification

Xenos Group Inc. (TSX: XNS) today announced that the Xenos Enterprise Server™ has been certified through the Intel® Certified Solutions Program.

The Intel Certified Solutions Program leverages the SpikeSource Solutions Factory™, a proven automated platform for assembling, testing, packaging, and updating software solutions. The certification ensures that Xenos provides the highest levels of security while reaffirming the fact that Xenos Enterprise Server (ES) is enabled for Intel technologies and free of all known significant security vulnerabilities.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Mondial Assistance (Schweiz) Takes Out Customer Service Insurance With Noetica Synthesys.NET

Hosted Contact Centre Platform Streamlines Campaign Management And Reduces Training For Leading Travel Insurer

Noetica, a provider of agile customer interaction management (CIM) solutions for the contact centre, today announced that Mondial Assistance (Schweiz) has implemented its hosted solution Synthesys.NETTM at its Service Center in Wallisellen, near Zurich. Installed on 15 agent seats, Synthesys.NETTM enables Mondial Assistance (Schweiz) to reduce call durations and maintain a consistently high level of customer service.

For further information or interviews, please contact noeticapr@mccint.com