Tuesday, 8 December 2009

dhc Advises on IT Budget Investment

Following the recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of companies and their IT budgets, dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, is today advising organisations to recognise the benefits of investing in Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools to maintain and improve their competitive position. The results highlighted that 63% of UK and Irish companies surveyed are likely to increase their IT budgets in 2010 with 41% of firms stating that CRM software would receive “significant investment.”

Despite the economic climate causing IT budget cuts across many organisations and industries, businesses are still focused on increased customer retention and profitability. With this in mind, Surrey-based dhc is emphasising the need for companies to drive business growth whilst managing costs, and encouraging managers to deploy CRM solutions that allow seamless and secure delivery of business profitability.

“Every business is different, so flexibility and functionality is paramount to success,” said dhc’s Director, Matt Garman. “By deploying CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, forward thinking companies will be able to make informed decisions in order to strengthen and improve their current customer relationships whilst embarking on new leads during the current economic conditions.”

For further information please contact dhcpr@mccint.com
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