Thursday, 3 December 2009

Extreme Networks Data Centre Strategy Helps Organisations Migrate From The Physical To The Virtual To The Cloud

Extreme Networks is presenting its data centre network vision at this week’s Gartner’s Data Centre Conference in Las Vegas, providing a blueprint for the critical data centre transition ahead, migrating organisations from a physical network, to a virtual network to a location-independent cloud network.

The challenge in today’s data centre consists of transitioning to a virtualised environment while leveraging existing network investments. The migration of the data centre to a virtualised infrastructure means bringing visibility of virtual machines (VMs) to the network level and solving the department divide between switches and server staffs that has been introduced with virtualisation. Finally, organisations seek to avoid approaches that strand their assets and are tied to proprietary architectures.

“Extreme Networks has developed a network infrastructure solution that accommodates the evolving technology landscape in the data centre,” said Extreme Networks Chairman and co-founder, Gordon Stitt. “Our data centre infrastructure solution allows users to migrate from a traditional or ‘physical’ infrastructure to a virtual one, without forcing a certain technology, or operating methodology on the user.”

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