Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Press Release: Innos Supports Liverpool & Southampton Universities to Realise Low-Cost Manufacture Of High Performance MOSFETs

...Inexpensive Transistors Could Play Role In Future Of ‘Ambient Intelligence’...

Innos, the UK’s leading research and development company delivering expertise in silicon, MEMS and nanotechnologies, today announced its involvement in an EPSRC-funded project collaborative between Liverpool and Southampton Universities, which has demonstrated how high performance MOSFETs used in radio frequency applications can be manufactured at a low cost. The advance could enable more small to medium sized businesses to enter the radio frequency applications market and be used as part of a sensor network within ‘ambient intelligence’ systems.

The research conducted at Liverpool and Southampton Universities shows how the adoption of vertical MOS transistors could enable a route to ultra-short channel MOS transistors using relaxed (hence cheaper) lithography rules and a reduced footprint. Classically, such devices are lateral but expensive lithography is required to achieve the ultra short channel lengths which are easily achieved with a vertical approach. The shortcomings of vertical transistors have been addressed by a number of novel solutions to drastically reduce parasitic effects generated by the geometric configuration of the device.

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