Monday, 12 September 2005

DivX Ultra Certification Program Launched With Support From Leading Consumer Electronics Companies

...New Certification Program Offers Ability to Playback DivX Media Files With Advanced Interactive Features...

DivX, Inc. today announced the launch of the DivX Ultra Certification program for consumer electronics devices. The DivX Ultra Certification program will bring consumers a fully interactive, cutting edge digital media experience by enabling next generation consumer electronics devices to support the advanced features of the DivX Media Format.

The new DivX Media Format, introduced in June and supported by leading software companies including InterVideo, Sonic, CyberLink, Pinnacle, Magix and more, enables even novice users to create rich multimedia files with a host of interactive features. Key elements of the DivX Media Format supported by DivX Ultra Certified products include interactive video menus, multiple subtitles, alternate audio tracks, video tags and chapter points.

New DivX Ultra Certified devices will enable anyone to seamlessly playback DivX Media Format files created on a PC, providing an advanced interactive media experience in a highly compressed file 7 to 10 times smaller than MPEG-2. DivX Ultra Certified devices will support playback of all versions of DivX video, including DivX video-on-demand titles, while offering the premium, interactive experience enabled by the advanced features of the DivX Media Format. The first devices bearing the DivX Ultra Certified logo are expected to hit retail shelves in late 2005.

A number of existing DivX Certified partners from across the digital media industry are working with DivX to create DivX Ultra Certified consumer electronics solutions, including:

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers: • Cyberhome: Leading manufacturer of consumer electronics devices will sell DivX Ultra Certified devices in the European market. • LG Electronics: Global manufacturer of electronics products will add DivX Ultra Certification to a variety of products. • Samsung Electronics: A leading manufacturer of consumer electronics will add DivX Ultra Certification to a line of DVD players. • Thomson/RCA: A leading provider of technology, systems and services to the media and entertainment industries will add DivX Ultra Certification to line of DVD players on display at the IFA electronics show in Berlin, Germany. • Vestel: Leading European consumer electronics company will create DivX Ultra Certified DVD player and DVD recorder devices. • Zoran: A leading provider of solutions for applications in the digital entertainment and digital imaging markets adds DivX Ultra Certification to their line of DVD chipset solutions.

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