Friday, 16 September 2005

Home Media Networks Urges Government To Provide Households With Free Digital Set Top Boxes

...Company Argues That Money From Licensing Off Airwaves Should Be Put Back Into Helping UK Consumers Make The Digital Switch...

In response to Media Secretary Tessa Jowell’s recent announcement, Home Media Networks Ltd, the leading developer of media center software – ShowShifter, backs the Government’s desire to offer support to turning the UK on to digital transmission, but thinks that it should go one step further to provide households with free set top boxes.

Home Media Networks Ltd CTO Colin Tinto comments: “One of the main reasons the Government want to switch everyone to digital is to free up the radio spectrum, as digital TV takes up less 'space' on the airwaves. As soon as the space is free, this will allow the government to look into ways, as they did with 3G, in which it can license this ‘space’ off - making billions for the treasury.”

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