Monday, 12 September 2005

Lights, Camera, Action! For Hampshire PR Company

MCC International Chosen To Promote Local Company Set To Revolutionise Business Interaction

Award winning media and marketing consultancy MCC International Ltd today announced that it has been hired by WiredRed to develop the company’s brand in the UK, and promote the relevance of collaborative interaction and working to UK organisations. As the global leader in enterprise-scale real-time communication software, WiredRed is at the forefront of software development for businesses that want to negate expensive travel costs. Its solutions allow organisations to undertake high quality ‘face to face’ videoconferences online.

“Recent increases in broadband speeds in the UK mean that many business leaders have realised the true value of web-based video conferencing,” explained WiredRed Managing Director Tom Sloan. “No longer is there the archaic need to travel great distances, at the expense of both time and money, to meet with colleagues where a simple web-based conference would suffice. It may come as a shock to the ‘air mile brigade’ but employees rarely need to undertake meetings in the same locale now that Internet connections are powerful enough to handle streaming video and other parts of collaborative working.”

Business class flights from Heathrow to New York typically cost £4,000, leading to a huge outlay for those multinational companies with offices based in the south of England. For a fraction of this cost, businesses can still have important interaction with their colleagues from across the Atlantic, via a standard broadband Internet connection and software from WiredRed – with SSL/TLS security built-in.

“WiredRed has a compelling solution that is relevant to all businesses, whatever their size or offering,” explained MCC International Director Ian Peel. “The Internet has lead to the globalisation of business with the knocking down of economic boarders, but is still not embraced to its fullest. Our aim is to educate the market and position WiredRed as a key driver to web-based collaborative working.”

“It is great that a PR agency of MCC International’s profile will be handling the promotion of WiredRed’s solutions, and the surrounding issues to UK businesses,” added Sloan. “Its expertise and knowledge of the market were obvious, as was the enthusiasm with which the agency pitched its campaign ideas and strategies.”

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