Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rip it up and start again

Brands are no longer in control. Journalists and magazines are becoming less influential. 39% of people don’t read a daily newspaper, 75% read it online. 2.64 billion tweets per month are now posted on Twitter.

These were just some of the fascinating and intriguing facts and statements that were revealed at PRmoment.com’s Social Media in B2B Communications Conference. They highlight a significant shift in the media world, especially in the way that we need to communicate, but also reveal an exciting future providing a wealth of new opportunities.

Social media has theoretically ripped up the rulebook and made companies, and agencies, reassess their marketing strategies and rethink how they communicate with their target audiences. The old school of thought is being radically challenged, yet fear and scepticism still pervades many businesses – mainly, it has to be said, at board level. With the facts and research presented though, it is something that has to be taken seriously. Social media is not just kids’ stuff.

However, if you’re not committed to a social media campaign, then the message seems to be, don’t bother. Social media takes time and needs constant nurturing. If content is not updated, a strategy not fully planned or carefully thought out, it can have an extremely detrimental affect to any brand.

The uptake of social media and digital is also seriously affecting the established media. As one speaker astutely pointed out “We are all editors now”. Anyone can publish content in a matter of minutes and we can all manage what information we want and how we receive it. The thought leaders now are not necessarily the ones that used to be the most influential – the pool is widening and everyone is becoming part of the process. Social media has enabled everyone to have a voice and, therefore, the ability to become highly influential.

Photo Credit: Mark Smiciklas, Intersection Consulting

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