Thursday, 16 September 2010

Winfrasoft Launches VPN-Quarantine 2010 For Secure Remote Access

Winfrasoft, a UK company specialising in enterprise IT infrastructure and security solutions, today launched the Express and Enterprise editions of its new multi-layer remote access gateway solution, VPN-Quarantine (VPN-Q) 2010. The new software delivers fast and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, encouraging productivity out of the office, whilst guaranteeing that only trustworthy devices are granted access to the appropriate resources on the corporate IT network.

Designed by Winfrasoft to run on Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG), VPN-Q 2010 is ideal for organisations operating Microsoft environments. The third generation product ensures every device attempting to connect to the corporate IT network is first placed in quarantine, whilst a battery of comprehensive pre-defined security checks are quickly carried out. These safeguards verify the presence of an up-to-date firewall, software patches and anti-malware systems etc before enabling a VPN connection as per the local IT policy. Any machine that fails to pass these safeguards may remain in quarantine with access to remediation advice and resources as local policy dictates.

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