Friday, 3 September 2010

What element of PR do you do?

Earlier this week I was asked, “What element of PR do you do?” I was somewhat surprised as the question most PR professionals tend to be asked by those with no involvement in the marketing function is a puzzled, "What exactly do you do?” To which most PR professionals will recite a version of the CIPR definition that they were taught as students.

‘Public relations is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain good-will and understanding between an organisation and its publics’

Of course, one of the main channels to facilitate this goodwill and understanding is through the media relations and with 23 years experience it is certainly a field of expertise at MCC International. However, when this particularly astute individual asked the question, I paused before replying and thought for a moment about some of the projects we are currently working on here at MCC International.

This week alone we have had a team working hard on publicity for a local business networking event that will take place in Portsmouth in November, helping to create e-shots and mailers, as well as forging media partnerships. They are also promoting a major conference and exhibition being hosted in Berlin next month. Meanwwhile, another member of team is acting as the Marketing Manager for a client to develop and execute their marketing plans, whilst another is busy writing the copy for their new website. We have also been developing e-zines, interviewing organisations for case studies and managing the day-to-day Twitter profiles for a number of organisations. It is fair to say that despite the Bank Holiday making a short week it has certainly been productive here at Winchester House.

So to answer the question! We work closely with all of our clients to understand the needs, wants and aspirations for their organisation and use our skills as trained communicators to identify the best channels to achieve these goals. So I am proud to say that MCC International is a progressive full service PR agency in the truest sense.
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