Monday, 13 September 2010

Ice Cream Refreshment With DASCOM GB

DASCOM GB, developer, manufacturer and provider of enterprise printing solutions, has announced that Vanputer has upgraded its specialised van sales computer systems to include the Tally MIP480 mobile printer. Using the new printer, Vanputer is helping its customers streamline their printing operations and increase their operational efficiency.

Vanputer specialises in software for van sales that can be tailored to suit an individual client’s selling needs. Included in the package is the MIP480 which has been primarily designed for delivery note printing in commercial vans and trucks; it combines speed, operational flexibility and rugged reliability to offer exceptional printing, ideally suited for route delivery and mobile applications.

Since combining the new printer with its specialised sales system, Vanputer’s clients, such as Crolla Ice Cream Company (Crolla’s), are benefitting from improved printing capabilities and delivery runs where its drivers can produce instant documentation such as invoices and receipts. Prior to implementing a computerised system, Crolla’s relied on hand written delivery notes and invoicing, proving both time-consuming and costly. In order to maximise its potential and keep up with business growth, the company invested in a Vanputer system and has since maintained a profitable working relationship spanning 20 years.
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