Wednesday, 21 April 2010

They think it’s all over – but business doesn’t need to suffer during the World Cup

By Robert May, Managing Director at leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac

As this year’s long-awaited football World Cup approaches it will undoubtedly polarize the population between those for which it can be best described as ‘The Beautiful Game’ and the remainder who often feel it is an unwelcome distraction from the rest of daily life. For small businesses it can also spell a period where employee interest in the event, which often involves decisive games being played during normal working hours, can become obsessive and lead to distractions and even unwarranted absence.

Whilst the recovering economy dictates that small businesses (if you pardon the pun) need to keep their eye on the ball, employee satisfaction is an important part of creating and maintaining a well-motivated and committed team – the key to any successful enterprise. Happily we are living in an age where remote or home working is a realistic and often beneficial facet of modern business and this gives a much greater ability to find a solution that can suit everyone.
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