Thursday, 1 April 2010

The French Government Selects Exalead To Provide Search Within Videos

The French Government's new public web site,, leverages Exalead's multimedia search technology, Voxalead

Exalead, a global provider of software for information access and search-based applications for the enterprise and the Web, today announced that the French Government has chosen its technology to power search and content retrieval in the new version of its public website:

In a market first, the French Presidency has entrusted Exalead to implement search within videos using Exalead’s Voxalead technology. This technology automatically transcribes video and audio into text (‘speech-to-text’ transcription), and enables search and navigation within these resources.

Specifically, on, Voxalead technology allows the user to search video content as they do text content - by entering a word in a text box - and the Exalead engine returns all the videos available on the website in which that word is used, with one-click access to the precise moment in each video when the word is used. (The video search on is available at:
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