Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Extreme Networks Introduces 40 Gigabit Ethernet

Extreme Networks today introduced highly scalable 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) network solutions at Interop Las Vegas The VIM3-40G4X adds four 40 GbE connections to the award-winning Summit® X650 Top-of-Rack stackable switches for $3,995, or less than $1,000 per port. The new module is fully compatible with the existing Summit X650 and Summit X480 stackable switches, preserving customers’ investments while providing a smooth upgrade to greatly increased scalability of both virtualised and non-virtualised data centres.

“As data centres increase in server density through consolidation efforts and the use of virtualisation, 40 GbE connectivity from the network core to Top-of-Rack switches becomes critical to providing the performance and scale required of the network,” said Extreme Networks Senior Director of Strategy, Shehzad Merchant. “Furthermore, as servers move to native 10 GbE connectivity, the need for 40 GbE at the top-of-rack becomes even more acute.”

For further information please contact extremenetworkspr@mccint.com
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