Monday, 13 July 2009

Service Providers Pushed To The Extreme

In response to recent reports by IT PRO suggesting that Internet traffic is to quadruple by 2013, Extreme Networks is advising service providers to deploy native Ethernet solutions to cater for the increase in bandwidth to support video access and other streaming services online while reducing cost. The popularity of 3G mobile phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, further increases Internet traffic, so service providers need to offer best-in-class solutions in order to derive sufficient profits from increased traffic.

According to these reports, mobile computing will drive the increase across both the business and consumer markets. Business users increasingly deploy video communications, leading to IP traffic growth, and investing in telephony solutions in addition to data centre consolidation, which in turn places more demands on the service provider.

In the mobile, residential and business space, mobile devices carrying streaming video, gaming and digital TV services are becoming very popular. Service providers must respond to this by offering high standards of availability, faster connection speeds and multicasting services to support both distributive and interactive video-services. Demands from the end user community mean that service providers must be empowered by solutions that are capable of delivering reliable speed with high density.

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