Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Extreme Networks & Scale Computing Market Low Cost Storage & Networking Solution

Extreme Networks today announced that it is broadening its reach in the data centre by working with Scale Computing, an emerging company specialising in enterprise-class scalable and clustered storage solutions using commodity-based hardware to drive down the costs of enterprise storage. The two companies will each draw from their product lines to help customers with the economic realities associated with increased reliance on data storage and decreased budgets.

“Roughly 40 percent of all storage spending is from SMBs and 30 percent of all data stored by 2011 will be from health care,” said Scale Computing’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Peter Fuller. “This partnership offers true value to key industries that need to store more data and spend less money in order to maintain their competitive edge and compliance with pending regulations. With Scale Computing and Extreme Networks, customers get feature-rich budget relief for their storage and networking needs.”

Extreme Networks will offer its BlackDiamond® 8800 modular switching family, featuring industry-leading 10 Gigabit network capacity, the Summit® X650 and Summit X450 switches, supporting copper and fiber for cost-effective and scalable networks. Scale will offer its SN1000 and SN2000 storage nodes with TrueClusterTM architecture.

When purchased together, these products represent a complete data networking and IP storage solution that addresses back-up and replication of data by combining high performance Ethernet switching, from Fast Ethernet to 10 gigabits, with Scale’s TrueCluster architecture. Supporting iSCSI, NFS, and SAMBA/CIFS., TrueCluster has no single point of failure and costs only $15,000 for 6 usable TBs (12 TB Raw).

Extreme Networks’ complete portfolio of Ethernet switching solutions adds intelligence to the data centre via the ExtremeXOS® modular operating system and Universal Port software, a framework for detecting and responding to events on the network. To ensure seamless operation of the network and surrounding infrastructure, Extreme Networks’ Universal Port automatically detects attachment and detachment to the network by Scale Computing’s storage solutions, dynamically provisioning resources and appropriate levels of Quality of Service for the most intensive storage functions.

“Extreme Networks is driving higher performance of Ethernet at lower costs with the added intelligence of the event-driven network,” said Extreme Networks’ Regional Director for UK and Ireland, Gary Newbold. “Together, Extreme Networks and Scale Computing address the market’s evolving networking and storage needs with cost-effective and open solutions.”

To learn more about Extreme Networks high performance data centre solutions, visit http://www.extremenetworks.com/solutions/datacenter.aspx.
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