Monday, 31 October 2005

Press Release: Star Trek Most Popular TV Show Of All Time

...Home Media Networks’ Unique Survey Into Most Missed TV Shows Headed By Sci-Fi Classic...

Home Media Networks Ltd, the leading developer of media center software, today announced that Star Trek has been voted by ShowShifter users the show that most viewers would like to see return to our screens. The survey, undertaken this month by over 1,000 users of its award winning software, follows the successful return to our screens earlier this year of Doctor Who, which regularly attracted 8 million viewers.

The full top 20 TV shows ShowShifter users most wanted to see return was:

1. Star Trek
2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
3. Friends
4. Fawlty Towers
5. Blake's 7
6. X Files
7. Babylon 5
8. Stargate
9. Seinfield
10. A Team
11. Futurama
12. Firefly
13. Only Fools and Horses
14. Red Dwarf
15. M*A*S*H
16. Tomorrow's World
17. The Avengers
18. Airwolf
19. Cheers
20. Blackadder

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Press Statement from Innos

Innos: Official Statement
Monday 31st October 2005

It has been widely reported today that there was a fire at the University of Southampton’s Mountbatten Building on Sunday 30th October 2005. At this time I would like to reassure all associated with Innos that we have procedures in place to ensure that, despite the severity of the incident, Innos remains fully operational.

Our headquarters at the adjacent Gower Building were unaffected by the fire. The skills and expertise that has established Innos as the UK’s leading research and development company, delivering expertise in silicon, MEMS and nanotechnologies remain unaffected.

It is clear the effects of the blaze upon our cleanroom and equipment, that was housed in the Mountbatten Building, has had a major impact on our ability to complete processing and production from this site. However we have been quick to implement emergency procedures and are working closely with cleanrooms across the UK to transfer existing and new projects to these facilities, whilst the full situation is assessed.

I would like to thank the team at Innos, the University of Southampton and the emergency services for their continual support during this time. We will be speaking with all of our customers over the next few days to ensure that everyone is kept fully informed of events.

Andrew Monk
CEO, Innos

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Press Release: Ipswitch Puts CCTV Solution Under Surveillance

...Ipswitch Announces New Partnership With CCTV Specialist WirelessUK Ltd...

Ipswitch, the leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, today announced that it has enabled WirelessUK Ltd to launch – a new concept of remote access CCTV solution.

IT specialist WirelessUK Ltd. provides wireless, Internet and digital CCTV solutions for business, industry and the home, allowing users to access data wherever they are. CatEyeUK is a division of WirelessUK, specialising in the Digital CCTV sector of the business. It provides total Digital CCTV, remote video monitoring, and surveillance solutions over the TCP/IP network. CatEyeUK Ltd offer a solution, whereby users pay a one-off fee to have a camera installed in the designated area they have chosen to survey and pay £5 pm for the service. Once the camera is fitted, the user can then go online and access their account, which brings up the view from the fitted camera.

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Friday, 28 October 2005

And... Cut!

Here at MCC International, we don't just produce written case studies. We also turn them into short films and promotional videos.

Here's the latest, exploring Microsoft's sucess in business intelligence and global reporting:

Brace yourself for a 50MB download, but it's well worth the wait.

Press Release: DivX Closes $17 Million Round of Funding from Insight Venture Partners

...Leading Digital Entertainment Company Announces $17 Million Investment And Partner Jerry Murdock To It's Board Of Directors...

DivX, Inc. the digital entertainment company that created the popular DivX media format, today announced a $17 million investment from Insight Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm focused on the global software and Internet services industry. The company also announced that Jerry Murdock, Managing Director of Insight Venture Partners, has joined the DivX Board of Directors.

DivX, Inc. has experienced significant growth across multiple business lines in 2005, and plans to expand global sales and business operations into emerging markets in the coming year. The company distributes DivX media technology to users around the world, and licenses the technology to content providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and software companies. DivX drives an entire ecosystem of interoperable platforms and devices with vast amounts of DivX video content, millions of users and millions of DivX certified products from major consumer electronics manufacturers.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Press Release: Temtec Ensures Unigarant is on the Right Road

Temtec, a leading provider of intuitive self-service analysis and reporting software for business intelligence, today announced that Unigarant, the largest travel and vehicle insurer in the Netherlands, has implemented Executive Viewer(r), Temtec's powerful yet user friendly front-end OLAP business intelligence tool. The implementation has enabled Unigarant to enhance the efficiency and quality of its reporting and better manage its vast amount of management information.

Unigarant operates through ANWB's roadside repair service network of over 6,000 locations. Historically, Unigarant's management information database was only available internally but it wanted ANWB's roadside repair service division also to have access to this information in order to improve the quality and responsiveness of their commercial operation when making insurance offers.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Press Release: The Segway HT Rides Into Selfridges

...Personal Transportation Device Available From Tomorrow At Flagship Oxford Street Store...

Segway Inc. and Segway U.K. today announced that a range of Segway(r) Human Transporter models will be available through Selfridges stores from tomorrow, Wednesday 26th October. The store, which specialises in stocking the best brands, the latest in fashion, technology, sports and design all under one roof, will be stocking the Segway(r) Human Transporter (HT) a self-balancing personal transportation device designed to go anywhere you go.

The first of its kind, the self-balancing, electric Segway HT allows people to commute, work, and run errands more quickly while enjoying a ride like nothing they've ever experienced. With zero-emissions it's a completely pollution-free eco-friendly form of transport. Compact and fun to use, the Segway can travel for up to 20 miles before being easily recharged from a standard wall outlet, the user simply leans forward on the self balancing platform to move forward and leans back to go back.

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Monday, 24 October 2005

Press Release: Tallygenicom Cuts The Ribbon With New Printer Cutting Device

...East To Install Cutter Ideal For Time Critical Environments Where Productivity Is Crucial...

TallyGenicom, a leading provider of focused, responsive business printers, today announced the launch of an easy-to-install cutting device for its T2150S and T3010S printers. The cutter enables the printers to be fully automatic, so is ideal for environments such as unattended kiosks and factory production lines where productivity is crucial.

"This new cutter offers a longer life compared to our previous model (500,000 versus 200,000 cuts), is less sensitive to materials and its handling of labels is extremely reliable," enthused TallyGenicom's Product Manager, Richard Bright.

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Press Release: Pavilion Technologies Appoints Gregory Ayres to Board Of Directors

...Industry Veteran Brings Wealth Of Multinational Business Expertise...

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in advanced process control and environmental compliance solutions, today announced the appointment of Gregory Ayres to its Board of Directors. Ayres joins the company’s Board with more than 20 years of multinational business management experience in technology, process industries and manufacturing.

Ayres is currently the chief operating officer of YesVideo, prior to which he served as vice president and general manager of Honeywell’s global pulp, paper and energy automation business unit. He was responsible for manufacturing, engineering, research and development, marketing and business development for the 1,050-person organisation. During his tenure, Ayres played a crucial role in driving increased profitability.

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Friday, 21 October 2005

Who is MCC's newest customer?

Tune into Breakfast from Monday morning, on BBC One and BBC News 24, to find out...

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Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Live Via Webcam

The view from our north-facing upstairs window at exactly 15h28:

[Insert your own "...end of the rainbow..." caption here.]

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Press Release: Compliance and Regulatory Requirements Secured with Emailfort

...DataFort Provides Email Archiving For FSA And DPA Compliant Businesses...

DataFort, the leading UK provider of off-site data backup, today announced the launch of its latest product, EmailFort - designed to provide organisations with a read only email archiving facility that adheres to the compliance and regulatory requirements of the Financial Services Authority and Data Protection Act.

EmailFort provides organisations with a tool that forms part of its overall compliance management programme. EmailFort archives all company emails sent and received, these archived emails are only available to and readable by the organisations appointed Compliance Officer as read only files. This is where EmailFort differs from traditional email backup – email backup allows individual employees to delete emails from their own archives and can therefore not be used as an adequate compliance measure.

“As soon as an email is sent or received by a user it is encrypted, time and date stamped and sent off-site to two individual secure servers. The whole process is managed and maintained by DataFort’s software and security systems,” comments Gavin Smith, Founder and CEO of DataFort.

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Press Release: Bybox Turns to Datanet

...Business ISP Chosen To Ensure Logistic Company’s Business Critical Servers Remain Accessible 24/7...

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP, today announced that ByBox has turned to its hosting solution to ensure it can always continue to provide its customers with the best delivery service and levels of IT in the industry today. The logistics company, which regularly hits its 100% pre-8am delivery target, needed a reliable, balanced and redundant, hosted server system to manage increased demand for its services.

ByBox has a network of over 14,000 secure delivery drop-boxes in more than 600 locations around the country and provides delivery solutions for customers who operate through mobile field service workers. Providing a delivery mechanism for parts and spares to be sent out through-the-night and delivered pre-8am to anywhere in the UK. ByBox’s server system is critical to its rapidly growing operation, as its business is driven through its website. Customers can place orders, track their delivery details or monitor their services through management reports.

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Monday, 17 October 2005

Press Release: New Survey Reveals TV Viewing And Recording Habits

...Home Media Networks Questions 1,000 People’s Televisual Consumption...

Home Media Networks Ltd, the leading developer of media center software, today announced the findings from a unique survey into how consumers watch and record Television broadcasts. The survey, of 1,000 users of its award-winning ShowShifter software PVR, highlights the growing trend for consumers to record more TV and then skip through adverts and parts of the original broadcast that didn’t interest them. Key findings include:

* 31.5% consumers watch 1-2 hours of TV a day, whilst 12.3% watch over four hours.

* Consumers record (whether by using traditional VCRs, DVD recorders or software PVRs such as ShowShifter) an increasing amount, with 37.5% recording over four hours of content

* Although the living room is still by far the most popular place to watch TV, 42.4% watch TV in the bedroom and 12% watch TV in the kitchen.

* The average household has 2.69 TVs. With 10.6% owning five or more

* 35.8% record TV because they are not at home at the time, whilst 17.8% record the programme because they want to keep it

“TV viewing and recording habits have been slowly changing since the advent of the VCR in the 80’s to the extreme that consumers now record an increasing amount of television,” commented Home Media Networks’ CTO, Colin Tinto. “With products such as ShowShifter, an infinite amount of recordings can be stored directly to the hard disc, so no fixed-length tapes are required.”

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Friday, 14 October 2005

Press Release: Ipswitch Expands its Messaging and Collaboration Line

...New IMail Server Secure Edition Offers Superior Anti-Spam And Anti-Virus Protection On Top Of Proven Email Technology...

Ipswitch, Inc. the leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, today announced the launch of the Ipswitch IMail Server, Secure Edition. The new release combines advanced technology for the protection of delicate messaging systems with the proven capabilities of one of the most popular messaging servers in the world. IMail Server Secure Edition matches perfectly the needs of SMEs looking for a core messaging system to deliver high performance and low total cost of ownership.

The new IMail Server Secure Edition compliments the Ipswitch Collaboration Suite and extends Ipswitch’s family of messaging and collaboration systems designed for SMEs. Now, an IT manager who needs a solid, standards-based, proven, messaging solution can deploy IMail easily, secure in the confidence that their messaging infrastructure will be automatically protected from Internet scourges, such as spam, viruses and phishing.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Press Release: Temtec Launches Executive Viewer 6.0

...New version provides an enhanced and extended infrastructure...

Temtec, a leading provider of intuitive self-service analysis and reporting software for business intelligence, today announced a new release of Executive Viewer, its powerful yet user friendly front-end OLAP business intelligence tool. Version 6.0 provides a significantly enhanced and extended infrastructure, with new features that include: Executive Viewer repository, service oriented architecture, open security model and an extendable logging interface.

"The new server-based security model in Executive Viewer 6.0 gives us the flexibility we need to deploy business intelligence in enterprise accounts. It allows us to simultaneously use credentials with our application (FSM), with Microsoft Great Plains analytics and with other specialised ERP applications," commented William White, Chief Technology Officer, of Tensoft one of Temtec’s OEM Partners.

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Press Release: Datanet Claims Best Business Award

...Business ISP Datanet Wins Business of the Year Award At Regional Chamber Of Commerce Awards 2005...

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP, today announced it has won Business of the Year Award at the annual Chamber Awards 2005. Organised by The British Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber Awards recognise outstanding business achievement within the UK business community, choosing Datanet as Business of the Year in the South East England region.

“The standard of entries received for this year’s Chamber Awards has been incredibly high. We have been more than impressed by the commitment, enthusiasm and success of so many British companies,” comments Microsoft’s Natalie Ayres, Senior Director, Small and Medium Solutions and Partners Group, who was one of the judges.

“The winner of Business of the Year Award – Datanet – is being recognised not just for the success it has achieved but also for its potential,” added British Chamber of Commerce Director General David Frost. “Datanet has impressed the judges with its sheer business excellence.”

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Friday, 7 October 2005

Weekend Writ

It looks - allegedly - like a clear case of corporate identity theft. It's the direct mail that was issued from a company called Media Logistics yesterday that bears more than a little resemblance to the website of MCC's long-standing client Noetica. Judge for yourself, Media Logistic's mail-shot...:

...vs. Noetica's website (established 2001):

Our lawyers have been informed.

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Press Release: WiredRed Eliminates Time-Wasters

...Encourages Businesses to Save Time and Money via Web-Conferencing...

On the announcement of annual National Meetings Week, WiredRed, the leader in enterprise-scale real-time communication software, is urging businesses to alternatively consider adopting web-conferencing technologies as a means of company wide and external business communications.

National Meetings Week was launched in 2001 and aims to promote the financial value of the conference industry. WiredRed argues that instead of investing heavily in both time and money, with staff travelling miles to attend lengthy conferences, businesses can save considerable funds by utilising web-conferencing technologies to enable fast and secure communication.

“The reason for employees attending conferences is to gather information, meet colleagues and take a break from the office. But in this increasingly competitive business world, the time spent travelling to, attending and then being able to return in effective mode, post meeting, is in reality largely inefficient,” comments WiredRed UK MD Tom Sloan. “Conferences and exhibitions are suffering from a drop in attendance – and it's no wonder when the information is available at a click of a mouse.”

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Press Release: Exosect Hits The Right Note With Successful Launch Of Exosex CLM

...Outlines The Latest Development In The Management Of The Clothes Moth To Industry Leaders From The Arts And Heritage Sector...

Exosect, a leading technology provider of environmentally conscious insect pest control, recently introduced Exosex CLM: the latest product using Exosect's innovative auto-confusion technique. Together with its UK distribution partner Enviroguard, Exosect clearly impressed industry leaders from the arts and heritage sectors at the recent product presentation at the Royal Opera House.

Exosex CLM is designed to manage the population of the clothes moth through a non-intrusive pheromone technique that can be used to reduce the need for chemical spraying or fumigation. This technique was well received by organisations where the clothes moth causes significant problems in anything from fabric storage, costume displays to felt lined flooring.

Representatives from organisations such as The National Trust, English Heritage, Madame Tussauds and the Imperial War Museum attended the launch to learn more about the latest development in the management of the destructive clothes moth.

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