Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Press Release: Temtec Launches Executive Viewer 6.0

...New version provides an enhanced and extended infrastructure...

Temtec, a leading provider of intuitive self-service analysis and reporting software for business intelligence, today announced a new release of Executive Viewer, its powerful yet user friendly front-end OLAP business intelligence tool. Version 6.0 provides a significantly enhanced and extended infrastructure, with new features that include: Executive Viewer repository, service oriented architecture, open security model and an extendable logging interface.

"The new server-based security model in Executive Viewer 6.0 gives us the flexibility we need to deploy business intelligence in enterprise accounts. It allows us to simultaneously use credentials with our application (FSM), with Microsoft Great Plains analytics and with other specialised ERP applications," commented William White, Chief Technology Officer, of Tensoft one of Temtec’s OEM Partners.

Review copies, interviews, screen shots and information are available from temtecpr@mccint.com.
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