Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Press Release: WiredRed Eliminates Time-Wasters

...Encourages Businesses to Save Time and Money via Web-Conferencing...

On the announcement of annual National Meetings Week, WiredRed, the leader in enterprise-scale real-time communication software, is urging businesses to alternatively consider adopting web-conferencing technologies as a means of company wide and external business communications.

National Meetings Week was launched in 2001 and aims to promote the financial value of the conference industry. WiredRed argues that instead of investing heavily in both time and money, with staff travelling miles to attend lengthy conferences, businesses can save considerable funds by utilising web-conferencing technologies to enable fast and secure communication.

“The reason for employees attending conferences is to gather information, meet colleagues and take a break from the office. But in this increasingly competitive business world, the time spent travelling to, attending and then being able to return in effective mode, post meeting, is in reality largely inefficient,” comments WiredRed UK MD Tom Sloan. “Conferences and exhibitions are suffering from a drop in attendance – and it's no wonder when the information is available at a click of a mouse.”

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