Monday, 17 October 2005

Press Release: New Survey Reveals TV Viewing And Recording Habits

...Home Media Networks Questions 1,000 People’s Televisual Consumption...

Home Media Networks Ltd, the leading developer of media center software, today announced the findings from a unique survey into how consumers watch and record Television broadcasts. The survey, of 1,000 users of its award-winning ShowShifter software PVR, highlights the growing trend for consumers to record more TV and then skip through adverts and parts of the original broadcast that didn’t interest them. Key findings include:

* 31.5% consumers watch 1-2 hours of TV a day, whilst 12.3% watch over four hours.

* Consumers record (whether by using traditional VCRs, DVD recorders or software PVRs such as ShowShifter) an increasing amount, with 37.5% recording over four hours of content

* Although the living room is still by far the most popular place to watch TV, 42.4% watch TV in the bedroom and 12% watch TV in the kitchen.

* The average household has 2.69 TVs. With 10.6% owning five or more

* 35.8% record TV because they are not at home at the time, whilst 17.8% record the programme because they want to keep it

“TV viewing and recording habits have been slowly changing since the advent of the VCR in the 80’s to the extreme that consumers now record an increasing amount of television,” commented Home Media Networks’ CTO, Colin Tinto. “With products such as ShowShifter, an infinite amount of recordings can be stored directly to the hard disc, so no fixed-length tapes are required.”

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