Thursday, 24 November 2005

Press Release: Innos Announces R&D Partnership with Philips

...UK Companies and Academic Institutions To Benefit from Innos Use Of The World Class MiPlaza Cleanroom For Processing And Production...

Innos, the UK’s leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology today announced that it has signed a partnership with Philips. The agreement provides Innos engineers with access to the world-class Philips Microsystems Plaza (MiPlaza) R&D cleanroom facilities and services, at the high tech campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The announcement follows a statement issued by Innos (31st October 2005) that a fire at the University of Southampton (Sunday 30th October 2005) had affected its ability to complete processing and production. Immediately procedures were put into action to ensure business continues as usual. With immediate effect Innos engineers have full access to the equipment and facilities housed within the 26502m cleanroom of MiPlaza.

Interviews with the CEO of Innos, photography and further information are available from MCC International, email
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