Friday, 3 May 2013

Why Tradeshow PR Is Worth All Of The Hard Work

MCC International Director Graham Thatcher looks at the considerable benefits to be had from tradeshows:

Tradeshows can be a tough gig in the PR world. Getting the press announcements ready, making the calls and emails to journalists to schedule briefings (when you know they are getting exactly the same calls from your peers!), then there is the show itself. I am yet to attend an event at Olympia, Earls Court or the NEC with a pedometer but I am sure I should be getting sponsorship for the miles I cover I a day.  Providing PR support for events is hard work.

However last week, as the annual Infosecurity Europe circus rolled in to town, the team here at MCC International was reminded just how rewarding all of that effort can be.  We have been attending this show for many years with vendors large and small, and this year we had the pleasure of working with Winfrasoft.

So, on Tuesday morning as the sun looked ready to make rare appearance I entered the windowless Earls Court. First stop was the press office to check the press information was displayed in the vast racks and with that tick in the box I headed to the stand, which was looking great and already bustling with visitors. So, I grabbed my phone for the first of many tweets throughout the day (despite the appalling 3G and Wi-Fi signal!)

The first big highlight of the day came in the middle of the afternoon when Steven Hope from Winfrasoft presented in the Business Strategy Theatre. When we drafted and submitted the Call For Papers together months ago, we did not predict the queue of people that would be lining up to take their seats.

After the presentation as I stayed behind to make sure we got the video file of the event (great YouTube fodder), people had already made a beeline for the stand and were queuing to ask questions and take a look at their products.

That evening as I put my feet up for a well-deserved rest, the Winfrasoft guys headed out to the Hilton for the prestigious SC Awards Europe. We had worked together to enter PINgrid as the Best Transaction Verification Solution and everyone was delighted that we had been shortlisted.  As 10pm approached I logged on to Twitter to follow ceremony as it happened.  Throughout the day we had talked about how great it would be to win, but we all tried to manage our expectations. However, as the tweet appeared that Winfrasoft had won, my phone buzzed as they shared the good news. And whilst this is a little embarrassing I did punch the air and shout YESSSS to no-one but myself!

Needless to say a long day became a little longer as the press release was drafted to ensure it was ready first thing. So, as I switched off the laptop and reflected on the day I was  reminded why I work continue to love working in PR. The buzz of seeing nice things happen to nice people, being able to facilitate that in some way, however large or small, and being able to share in the joy of success is a hugely rewarding way to spend a day.

So thank you to Winfrasoft, Infosec and the SC Awards!

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