Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring Cleaning your Marketing and PR

With the May Bank Holiday now behind us and with the surprisingly good weather we had for this one, it is finally starting to feel like Spring has actually arrived. There are a lot of hackneyed clich├ęs about Springtime being about rebirth and Spring Cleaning, but actually there does seem to be a palpable change in attitude and mood for many of us. Energy levels are higher and undoubtedly this reflects in the world of business too. It’s no coincidence that the trade show season is well and truly in the swing now (for a number of our clients the upcoming IFSEC security show, 13th-16th May at the NEC Birmingham, is a vital showcase for products and services), so MCC International is busy working towards this, shouting about all that is new and exciting.

Although the Spring Cleaning metaphor for cleaning out the old and making improvements is a heavily used one, the truth is this is an excellent time for any business to really push its message and catch the attention of an invigorated audience. This could be a traditional PR campaign with the press, it could be an increased presence in online media (rapidly in the form of video content for example) and social media, it might even be the creation or beefing up of your internal news sharing (such as a newsletter or internal e-shot) to ensure your own team feel well informed and motivated. At MCC International we can help you with any of these and more, creating interesting and engaging content (whatever medium it may be used in) is what we are here for. Undoubted the most receptive audience is one that is already feeling motivated to find new opportunities, so why not capitalise on this and make sure your message isn’t going unnoticed! 
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