Wednesday, 17 March 2010

DB Services Cleans Up With dhc

dhc, provider of integrated software solutions, today announced that the cleaning company DB Services is now using its Access Dimensions Lite financial management and accounting software with Stock Order Processing. The implementation will improve functionality and ease of management for the organisation, whilst computerising the accounts system.

Following a review, DB Services selected dhc to deliver Access Dimensions Lite (complete with Stock Order Processing and Repeat Billing), Payroll, Asset Manager and SDK Modifications, allowing the company to manage its timesheet entry and salary productions. The software has been distributed across a variety of departments including payroll, asset management, invoicing and accounts. On a day-to-day basis, DB Services use the customised software to compare, amend and process timesheets as well as creating proposed payment schedules.

With the new software in place, DB Services is benefiting from increased efficiency and system support. Says Brice, “The new software is much more user-friendly and seamlessly integrates across all our departments, ensuring much easier management of the entire system. This helps us to achieve a clear single view of all of our financial assets, and improves the efficiency of our debt collection process.”

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