Monday, 28 September 2009

Chloride Provides Best Defence for Cranfield University

Cutting-edge university protects its airport operation and supercomputers with generators from Chloride

Chloride, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of UPS systems and diesel generators today announced that Cranfield University has installed five new generators with remote monitoring systems. The new equipment will protect the University’s airport and data centres in the event of interruptions to the mains power supply.

Cranfield University is a leading postgraduate institution with a strong technical reputation and institutional links to the military. Its students typically conduct extensive computer modelling and it is highly dependent on the continued operation of both its computing facilities and airport.

“Cranfield’s airport and data centres are vital to the University’s operations,” said Cranfield University’s Maintenance Manager, Dave Butcher. “We chose the new Chloride equipment on the basis of a rigorous competitive tender, and are very pleased with the level of protection we’ve secured.”

The new Chloride equipment has been designed to address both historic power failures and electrical capacity issues. Two new large generators, rated at 500 and 220kVA respectively, have been installed to guarantee the operation of cooling and ancillary equipment in the University’s data centres.

One smaller unit, rated at 22 and two at 91kVA, have additionally been deployed at the University’s airport. Dave Butcher is confident that the potential costs of downtime, at both the airport and data centres, has been hugely reduced.
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