Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Press Release: New Xenos Enterprise Server Makes its Debut

Xenos ES Enables Organisations to Reduce Reuse Recycle Structured and Unstructured Electronic Data and Documents...

Xenos Group Inc. (TSX: XNS) today announced the launch of the Xenos Enterprise Server™, the product of a 25-year quest for an intelligent framework for electronic information infrastructure and management in the complex modern enterprise.

Xenos Enterprise Server™ (Xenos ES™) resolves the challenge of rationalising business information architecture and flow by Streamlining Enterprise Information Supply Chains™ and eliminating redundancies arising from the storage of the same information in a variety of formats. It is a server-based infrastructure solution that delivers organisational control over all requisite resources for data and document transformation from a centralised location in the enterprise.

Xenos Enterprise Server™ delivers a superior Return on Information™ by making information available where, when and how it is needed. This improves operational efficiency, enhances business processes, reduces risk for compliance management and increases employee productivity both for the enterprise and for its customers.

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