Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Press Release: STORK Announces First Workshop at ISSE 2008 in Madrid

Consortium joins Europe’s largest independent identity conference to discuss EU-wide cross-border recognition of electronic identity

STORK (Secure idenTity Across boRders linKed), a pilot scheme co-funded by the EU aiming to implement EU-wide interoperability of electronic identities (eIDs), today announced that its first workshop will be taking place in Madrid on 8th October, at ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe) 2008. The workshop is open to all delegates to debate the principles, issues and possible solutions proposed by STORK with key consortium representatives including Miguel Álvarez Rodríguez from The Spanish Ministry of Public Administration and Chief Information Officer of the Federal Government of Austria, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch.

For more information please contact storkpr@mccint.com
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