Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Increasing Piracy To Cause A Rise In Cyber Crime

...Metaforic Urges Vendors To Ensure They Are Properly Protected Against Hackers

Metaforic, a leading provider of anti-tamper solutions, is urging software vendors to take responsibility for the integrity of their software as piracy levels continue to rise and the risk of cyber crime intensifies.

"Piracy is a persistent problem which continues to cost software vendors worldwide billions of pounds in lost revenue, as well as harming local resellers and putting a strain on research and development in the technology industry," comments Metaforic’s CEO Andrew McLennan. "More worryingly, hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods of attack. The issue of hacked software and compromised websites goes far beyond that of piracy and standard copyright infringements. It can – and has - led to an explosion in the number of cyber crimes, including the exploitation of personal data, delivering malicious payloads to user machines, the installation of spyware and even taking over a PC as part of a botnet for hosting illegal content, often unbeknown to the owner...."

For further information, please contact metaforicpr@mccint.com
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