Thursday, 13 September 2007

Telemarketing Talent

Every now and then we are asked to recommend a telemarketing agency and - unfortunately - we've just had to shrug our shoulders lately. We haven’t come across a good one in years...

But we can be a bit more helpful now having met a new team from Portsmouth this morning called Market Makers.

Market Makers are different from other telemarketing agencies in a few ways. For example, if they are tasked with setting up sales meetings, they provide MP3 recordings of the phone calls they made to the prospect, so you can gauge for yourself if it sounds like a good lead. They're local to us, very hands-on, and have run 700 successful campaigns. They are Business Link's 2007 "Business of the Year", too.

So do call or email if this is of interest. We've negotiated special rates, of course, for all existing MCC clients.
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