Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Press Release: Innos and the University of Southampton Complete First Eindhoven Fabrication Process

“Nano-patterning Towards The Development of Silicon Surfaces That Do Not Reflect Light”

Innos, the UK’s leading research and development company for innovations in nanoscale technology, and the Nanoscale Systems Integration Group (NSI), today revealed how it is possible to accurately pattern layers of resist using e-beam direct write, with accuracies of a few tens of nanometres. The Supergen consortium EPSRC funded project is the first fabrication process to be completed by Innos, since signing an agreement with Philips to have full access to its MiPlaza facility in Eindhoven, following the Southampton fire on 30th October 2005.

Interviews with Innos, photography and further information are available from MCC International, innospr@mccint.com.
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