Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Press Release: Glacial Lakes Increases Ethanol Yields and Capacity with Pavilion Technologies

...Advance Process Control Solutions Helps Top Ethanol Manufacturer to Capitalise on Record-high Ethanol Prices...

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in advanced process control and environmental compliance solutions, today announced that Glacial Lakes Energy has deployed avilion’s advanced process control to reduce variable costs and capitalise on record-high ethanol prices. The control solution was deployed on the distillation column and molecular sieve. As a result of the 4-month project, Glacial Lakes has increased its capacity by up to 10 percent, boosted yield by .2 percent and reduced energy use by up to 2 percent. This marks the second control project Glacial Lakes has deployed in less than 9 months.

“In just a year, we’ve seen an excellent return on investment from Pavilion’s solution,” said Glacial Lakes Energy plant manager, David Culver. “Pavilion enables us to control the distillation columns and molecular sieves processes, which are challenging to manage optimally and yet critical to achieve our operating objectives – more, high quality ethanol for less. Furthermore, we are able to continuously reduce our energy usage. And in today’s marketplace being able to produce more ethanol at higher yields equals real money.”

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