Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Press Release: Exosex CM Approved In A Further Three US States

...The Environmental Protection Agencies Of Oregon, Washington and Michigan Join The Growing Number Of States To Approve Exosect's Codling Moth Mating Disruption System...

Exosect, a leading technology provider of environmentally conscious insect pest control, today announced that a further three US Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) in Oregon, Washington and Michigan have granted regulatory approval for Exosex CM. Exosex CM is an innovative auto-confusion technique designed to reduce the damaging effects of the Codling Moth on apple, pear and walnut crops by reducing the population of the Codling Moth through mating disruption. These decisions follow the recent approval of this product by the Californian EPA.

Further information on Exosect - including interviews, demonstrations, users stories and customer site visits - is available from MCC International -
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