Monday, 18 April 2011

Ipswitch File Transfer Wishes FTP Happy 40th Birthday

Simple protocol is foundation of data exchange and B2B integration technologies

From a simple protocol to copy files over a TCP-based network, the core element of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) technology has become a sophisticated, integrated model that provides control, visibility, compliance and security in a variety of environments, including the cloud. It is a far cry from when Abhay Bushan, a student at MIT, wrote the original specification for FTP (published as RFC 114) 40 years ago on 16th April 1971.

“From the huge ILLIAC IV supercomputer to the small handheld smartphones that we use today, it is incredible to think how far computing and technology has evolved in the past 40 years,” said Frank Kenney, Vice President of Global Strategy, Ipswitch File Transfer. “FTP has gone through a similar and drastic evolution, from a basic way of easily moving information, to the foundations for the majority of data transfer and application integration technologies that we all rely on so heavily today.”
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