Monday, 4 October 2010

Extreme Networks at VMWorld 2010

Extreme Networks today announced it is showcasing key architectures that enable efficient and scalable virtualised data centres, based on its Four Pillar data centre strategy at the VMworld 2010 conference on 12th- 14th October, held at the Bella Center, Copenhagen at exhibitor booth #105.

A recent Enterprise Strategy Group Research Survey on server virtualisation (August, 2010) indicates that many enterprise organisations are strongly aligned with the Extreme Networks’ Four Pillar data centre strategy. For example, the survey data identifies key challenges facing companies as they make the transition to a fully virtualised environment:

*IT organisations are looking for more extensive network-level integration to enable    advanced, dynamic virtualisation features.
*Performance and security are two of the top networking concerns for virtual server environments.
*Organisations with growing infrastructure requirements are most interested in 40 Gigabit Ethernet performance as servers and storage needs for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections increase.

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