Thursday, 7 August 2008

Online, on air and on TV

A day in the life of the Kaspersky Lab UK press office

Overnight on Tuesday 6th August a major story was breaking across the US regarding the largest ever case of identity fraud (

Working together MCC International and the UK marketing team at Kaspersky Lab reacted quickly, well before the start of the working day. Together they ensured that all press, online publications, radio and TV stations throughout the UK were aware of the story, and knew that IT security expert David Emm, Senior Technology Consultant at Kaspersky Lab, would be available throughout the day for interviews, to offer opinion on the story, insight into the technology and advice to consumers regarding how to stay safe online.

Within minutes the phone was ringing and interviews were soon scheduled and completed with major technology media. Stories featuring comment from David Emm were already starting to be published by mid-morning ( and

Meanwhile the team were busy scheduling the highlight of the day that took place at 3.30pm. David Emm was invited into the studio of Sky News in London to take part in a live interview, where he linked up to an interviewer broadcasting from The London Stock Exchange, for a three and a half minute uninterrupted piece to camera.

The hectic day ended at 5.35pm when David was the expert guest on the LBC’s drive time radio show where he provided listeners across London with advice regarding the safety of online banking and purchasing over the Internet.
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