Tuesday, 26 August 2008

EXOSECT launches market leading exosex intelligent pest management solution for stored product moths

...New Tablet Controls Stored Product Moth Pests for Indoor Manufacturing and Storage Environments...

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions, today announced the UK launch of Exosex SPTab, the latest generation of its intelligent pest management solution Exosex. Approved by the UK Organic certification body, Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), the product has been developed in response to the needs of Pest Control Operators working in commercial premises where stored product moths are pests. These are typically manufacturing, processing and storage facilities of chocolate and confections, cereal, seeds, dried fruit, flour, spices, tobacco etc.

Since 2003, Exosect have been demonstrating the product in its agricultural format, in confectionery and tobacco factories. Following its success in UK confectionery sites, the team commenced development of a new format that would be better suited to the needs of an indoor manufacturing and storage environment.

The result, Exosex SPTab, is a small tablet that is easy to apply directly to flat surfaces as well as storage racking and machinery.

For further information please contact: exosectpr@mccint.com
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