Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Datanet Hosts Website For Admat’s Maritime Archaeology

...Business ISP Hosts ADMAT’s Communication

Datanet, the UK’s leading Business ISP today announced that it has been chosen to host the e-mail and website for the Anglo-Danish Maritime Archaeological Team (ADMAT).

ADMAT formed in 2001 by Dr. Simon Spooner and Christine Nielsen with its American sub division, ADMAT USA initiated early in 2005, are both non-profit educational organisations, aiming to protect the Underwater Maritime Cultural Heritage in the Caribbean and America. ADMAT surveys, records and advises on how to protect shipwrecks and helps students to participate in maritime archaeological fieldwork.

When ADMAT began, there was no quick and easy way of sharing information with students and worldwide enthusiasts. ADMAT needed a communicative tool that could show the findings of excavations, give details of upcoming projects and share its images and video footage. Dr. Spooner sought advice from Datanet on whether or not a website would be able to cater for its needs.

Dr. Simon Spooner decided to choose Datanet to host the e-mail and website for ADMAT. Datanet helped him create the website and has been hosting it since. “I was one of Datanet’s first customers in 1996 and so it was a logical progression to turn to it again. Datanet is directly responsible for our means of communication – our website. I manage and design the website and Datanet helps me with technical side,” commented ADMAT’s President and Excavation Director Dr. Simon Spooner.

Datanet also manages and monitors e-mail traffic for ADMAT. “Datanet filters out all of the rubbish so that we only get the e-mails that are meant for us, enabling our students to communicate directly with us via e-mail in an efficient and secure format, and vice versa,” added Spooner.

“ADMAT will continue to remain loyal to Datanet. Not only is the thought of moving our website onerous, but Datanet is so efficient that we have no desire to look elsewhere for another host. Our website is home grown, and Datanet provides us with enough space to continue to expand,” concludes Dr. Spooner.
Further information on ADMAT can be seen on its web site www.admat.org.uk

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