Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Easter bunny comes to Southampton Science Park

MCC International is welcoming Easter by hosting an Easter egg hunt around the Southampton Science Park on Thursday 5th April. The MCC team will place vouchers around the park, both inside buildings and outside, for tenants on the park to find. Once you find a voucher come over to MCC International’s office in 2 Venture Road to claim an Easter egg of your choice.

The egg hunt will start from 10am when our MCC bunnies will have hidden all the vouchers and will continue until all the vouchers have been found. We hope you all come and take part.

The vouchers will be placed around Venture Road and Enterprise Road. We won’t make them too hard to find, and we will also be tweeting clues throughout the day to help, so follow us on @MCC_Int and hashtag #MCCegghunt for clues.

Good Luck and Happy Easter!

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