Friday, 10 February 2012

2012 - a year to to shout about

Two thousand and twelve (or twenty-twelve, depending on your preference for saying 2012) is proving to be a significant year. From claims that the Mayan calendar ends, apparently spelling the end of the world (which may or may not be true depending on which source you believe!), to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, to more tangible events closer to home (such as eagerly anticipated the London Olympics and HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year anniversary of her accession to the throne), there is no denying this will be a landmark year.

This is also a year of important anniversaries for a number MCC International’s clients. Both access control specialist TDSi and speciality fiber manufacturer Fibercore celebrate their 30 year anniversaries in 2012, whilst leading IT solutions consultancy ramsac turns 20 years old in March. What all three companies demonstrate is that despite the shadow of wider economic difficulties, successful, well managed and well-motivated businesses can continue to thrive and should be shouting about their success to the wider world – which is something we, as PR specialists, are helping them to do.

Further afield, this has been another interesting week in the world of technology. One story that particularly caught our attention was a roundup of statistics on popular web use for the likes of Google, YouTube and Twitter which really brings it home how much of our lives are now conducted online. Equally, a BBC article entitled ‘Mobile, social, cloud changing the way we work’ looks at how technology has changed the way we all work and how it is inspiring people to work more closely together.
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