Tuesday, 2 August 2011

NanoKTN Helps UK Nanotechnology SME Grow To Industry Leader

The NanoKTN is pleased to announce that on-going support from its staff and events has helped a UK SME to secure business leads and forge relationships with key collaborative partners. As a result, scientific engineering company Plarion has grown to become a leading manufacturer in its field.

When UK-based Plasmon went into administration in 2008, a team of engineers with years of experience in the field established Plarion, which recently announced the development of its Discipher diagnostic solution. The low-cost, walkaway system is based on a DVD drive and DVD discs with microfluidic channels for rapid biochemical analysis. The on-board reagent storage and sample preparation, along with automated analysis software, offers significant time advantage through minimal user interaction, allowing a large number of tests to be done at the same time.

Plarion’s Systems Development Manager Jackie Cole has been directly involved with the NanoKTN since the company’s launch in 2009, attending events as an exhibitor, delegate and presenter. Actively engaging as a member of the NanoKTN has provided Plarion with vital intelligence about R&D facilities and services available in the UK, as well as providing opportunities to identify possible collaborative partners with specific expertise.
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