Monday, 9 May 2011

Multitone, the inventor of the first paging system celebrates its 80th birthday today

Multitone Electronics Plc, specialists in defined group wireless communication, celebrates its 80th birthday today. As experts in this field Multitone is dominant in providing resilient messaging systems to hospitals and the Emergency Services in the UK and delivers sophisticated messaging systems to a myriad of customers around the globe.
Founded by Joseph Poliakoff on 9 May 1931 the company was originally known for its work on developing the hearing aid for the hard of hearing, the most prestigious customer being Winston Churchill. Joseph Poliakoff and his son Alexander were continual innovators and are acknowledged as the pioneers of the pager, which became known as “the bleeper”.


Pathane Wadler said...

A belated happy birthday to this man who has brought millions a way to have order and intercommunication in a small building community. He has made waiting in lines and asking for medical services while on bed worthwhile.

Pathane Wadler

Cora Bullock said...

So, he’s 81 years old by now. Hooray to the man and his contribution! The pager might be taking the backseat now, giving way to new innovations, but the paging system will continually be used in industries. Even if paging system concept is changed and optimized for the better, it wouldn’t take away the fact that he was the first to originate the idea.

Cora Bullock