Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Are you a key person of influence?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being introduced to Daniel Priestley a successful entrepreneur whose enthusiasm and experience is both infectious and inspiring.

Over a coffee, Daniel explained that last year, whilst he was unexpectedly delayed in Singapore for several weeks due to the disruption from the volcanic ash cloud, he was forced to take time out of his hectic schedule and could concentrate on finishing penning his latest book entitled ‘Become A Key Person of Influence’, which is currently on of the Bestsellers in Small Business & Entrepreneurship chart on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/bestsellers/books/268144/ref=pd_ts_b_nav.

The book provides real insight and candid advice regarding how to stand out from the crowd, if your business is going to achieve its maximum potential. Daniel is certainly a motivator who knows how to make things happen and crucially is keen to help others with an entrepreneurial spirit to do the same. I would certainly recommend the book, but also should you have the opportunity, take the time to attend one of his speaking engagements, as he will, without doubt give you much food for thought.

Several lattes later and at the end of a rather enlightening meeting, Daniel kindly offered that should anyone wish to buy the book he would provide the person with a free ticket to a one-day event that is being hosted by Triumphant Events in London on 26th March, where he will join an impressive line up of speakers to share his expertise and stories along with his 5-Step Sequence to success. Simply send us the proof of purchase and we will arrange for the ticket to be delivered to you.
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